Monday, August 10, 2009

long awaited posts

so it has been sometime since i updated my blog, but i started making stuff again and i get off work a lot earlier now! so here comes serveral posts.

July was a very busy month for me because there were so many birthdays and my good friend Hilda’s baby shower

Ian & Jonathan's Birthday

I made some red velvet cupcake for my friend Ian’s birthday.. especially requested by him. The theme for his birthday was purple monkey. Lol. So from my new arrival cartridge I cut out purple monkeys and made cupcake picks out of them. the southern california weather wasnt agreeing with the frosting... they melted =(

jonathan's birthday theme was a casino theme. indie art had the suites of the cards and it worked out perfectly. i know it should just be red and black, but we wanted it to be more colorful.