Thursday, October 25, 2012

Balloon Birthday Card

Hello everybody! I'm UBER excited today because I got an email from my Professor saying class is cancelled! I was so excited that I almost punched Dave when I was celebrating!

So everyone that knows me knows that I HARDLY ever exercised! Softball was the closest thing to me getting my exercise. Even then it was only ONCE a week. My runs were short sprints in between the bases. I would be huffing and puffing and the base coaches made fun of me for that. Then I sprained my ankle 4 months ago and I hadn't really done anything. I played ONE game of softball like a month ago and I sucked so bad I struck out like the WHOLE game! So no running was involved. I withdrew from my Monday night class so I thought I would start going to the gym again. I had been paying for a gym membership since January and I've gone maybe 5 times.

So this past Monday night, Dave and I went to the gym. My normal gym routine consists of riding the bikes and some sit ups. When I got on the bike, my knee was making this weird popping noise. So I got off and just did some sit ups while I was waiting for Dave to be done lifting weights. I HATE the weight room at the gym. It smells REALLY TERRIBLE. Anyhow, when he was done, we go upstairs to the machines and Dave told me to get on the elliptical machine while he used the other machines really fast. I'm not the biggest fan of that machine because I feel funny using it. I feel like i look all uncoordinated. But I agreed. I was on the elliptical for TEN minutes exactly. As soon as the 10 minutes mark hit, I just got off (with NO cooling off period). When I got off, I felt kind of sick. I told Dave that I had to throw up. Then I felt REALLY dizzy. Dave said I kinda just collapsed into his arms -- my body went limp. Then he said he saw my eyes roll back and I wasn't responsive. Then he put me down against a pillar and ran to get the L.A Fitness guys. Dave said I passed out. I thought I was responding to their questions. They asked me what name is, how old I was, where I lived. Then they called 911! While we were waiting for paramedics, I was already coming to. Dave was giving me water and that was already making me feel better. The paramedics came REALLY quick. Seriously no more than 5 mins. I told Dave I was fine but he wanted them to still check me out. There was 2 paramedics and then all of sudden there was 5 and they were all surrounding me. One of them hooked me up to some machine and the other one was asking me questions and pricked me finger for some blood. They stood me up to make sure I was ok. I stood up fine but I felt dizzy still so they wanted to take me to the hospital. But I refused. Yes I have health insurance but oh my gosh that ambulance ride would have cost an arm and leg and my first born that I don’t have. They even had the lady from the hospital talk to me on the phone trying to convince me to go. She was like “DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT YOU CAN DIE?!” I was like “yes, I understand” and I still refused. Long story short, I probably had low blood sugar since the last time I ate was at lunch. I was trying to burn off calories I didn’t have. And I should exercise on the regular so stuff like this doesn’t happen! I was able to walk out of the gym and go eat In-n-Out. I am fine and I was even able to go to work the next day. Now I’ll be known as the girl who passed out whenever I go to the gym! Thanks for reading my story!

Here is a card that I made for my softball teammate Kelly. I actually hand cut those balloons because I was too lazy to get my Cricut out.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mummy Hersey Treats

Another Pinterest inspired treat! I saw a ton of these "Mummy" treats on there. I bought a pack of googly eyes when I made this Lady Bug Card and I wanted to use more of them. And I bought a pack of white streamers from Dollar Tree to make my litlte mummy treats.

I hardly ever eat chocolate so I never really buy it... but jeez! Chocolate bars are not CHEAP! 

Co-workers got these with the Jack-o-Lantern Soda Bottles! They loved them of course.

Have a wonderful day!
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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Jack-o-Lantern Halloween Soda Bottles

This has got to be my FAVORITE Pinterest meme! You know now these days, EVERYONE is all about Pinterest! If I just meet you and you tell me you use Pinterest, you’re like my new favorite person in the whole wide world! And if you don’t know what Pinterest and talk crap about Pinterest --- “GET OUT!”

hahahah So with that being said, this is something I saw on Pinterest and was inspired. I bought Jarritos (Mexican Orange Soda), took front label off -- HAD to use goo gone because that was one tough glue they used. Dollar Store Crafts used a sharpie to draw the face but I thought I'd make it easier on myself and just use vinyl. Then I just tied a green ribbon to the top and added a small simple tag. My team LOVED them.

What else have you made that you saw on Pinterest?

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Boss's Day Card

Happy Friday everyone! Here I go again with another late post. I meant to post this on Tuesday when it was Boss’s Day. And then I got caught up with work and school(what else right?) that I forgot to write this post.

I bought the rolled flower die from My Creative Time months ago and I hadn’t had the chance to use it. It had been so long since I bought it that I forgot where I put it. I knew I wanted to use it to make the card but when I went to look for it, it wasn’t in my Die box. It took me FOREVER to find it. I was so mad! Anyway, this die is SUPER DUPER awesome! The flowers come out super duper pretty! I watched Emma’s tutorial video on how to make it. In the video, she uses a quilling tool but I just used my hands. They were super easy to make! I used my hot glue gun to glue it together. It worked remarkably well! I’m not the biggest fan of glue guns because it leaves that string of glue AND the clumsy person that I am always burn myself! I have the Flower Shoppe Cricut Cartridge for awhile now. I’ve actually been afraid to use it because I thought the flowers would be too difficult to make. After using this die, I think I want to definitely make more flowers!

I used my new DCWV glitter paper pack! Wendy and I went to Michael’s on Sunday and she showed me the pack and said she bought one the week before. It was too pretty for me not to get! I made this card to give to my boss on behalf of our team. Bad idea stamping on glitter paper though! You can hardly see it. But it was too late for me to make another tag. I was short on time. I was baking cupcakes for my team plus for Dave’s department. I made a total of 60 cupcakes that night!

Thank you so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

DIY Fall Wreath

This isn’t exactly a tutorial for a DIY but this is a wreath the I made -- for the FIRST time ever!

It’s a little smaller than I expected but I still think that it’s super cute. The reason why it turned out a bit smaller is because I used a premade 7 inch wreath that I found at the 99 Cent Only Store. I didn’t want to spend extra money for a bigger wreath from like a Michaels or Hobby Lobby because I had never made one before and I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out.

It is actually SUPER easy to make. I absolutely encourage everyone to make their own wreaths! Even though it may costs the same price as a premade one, nothing beats having the knowledge that you made it yourself! I bought all the fall picks from Michaels and glued them together. Of course I picked some that had ACRONS! Hehe. The little scarecrow guy came with the premade 7 inch wreath that I bought from 99 Cent Only Store. I ripped everything else out but I thought this guy was cute so I decided to incorporate him into the wreath that I was making.

And don’t you just love our red door? Hehe. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Genrous Gift

As always my posts are overdue! I was helping out Aeron and Melissa a lot during the planning of their wedding. I already knew they were grateful for all I’ve done for them but they took it a step further to show their gratitude!

Melissa and I often go shopping during lunch. There was a day where I wanted to go to Macy’s nearby work to look a Michael Kors bag I’d been eyeing! I showed Melissa a picture online and she thought it was cute too and we agreed to go at lunch. But she got stuck working on something urgent and I ended going with Dave. I liked the purse so much and Macy’s was having their March of Dime donation sale. So Dave ended up buying me the purse right then and there! Thank you love!

Anyhow, it turned out Melissa and Aeron wanted to buy me the purse as a thank you gift. Dave got yelled at for buying it for me. Lol. But a girl can never have too many purses and there was I wanted another Michael Kors bag I wanted and Melissa sure pays attention to what I like. So they got me this super duper cute cross body bag! When I opened it I was literally jumping up and down. Hehehe.

So to thank them for my thank you gift, I made this card. I just love how Melissa displays all the cards I’ve ever made for her at her desk.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a great week!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Accordian Fold Mini Book

Hi everyone! So I’ve been neglecting my blog a lot lately. Mostly because I’ve been so busy with work, school, and well… life! There has been something every weekend. Someone’s birthday, baby shower, one of Dave’s sport things, etc. Oh of course, there’s visiting my parents. Since I don’t live with them anymore, I really have to put time into visiting them at least once a week. My mom calls if I don’t go visit once for the week and she get a little upset. She’s still trying to convince me to move back home. Cooking my own meals and doing my own laundry sucks! So it’s tempting but shh don’t tell Dave.

Today’s crafty post -- this is an accordion fold envelope mini book that I was inspired to make after seeing it on Papertrey Ink’s Stamp-a-faire. I wanted to make Helen a gift for her birthday. Since we were in Vegas for her birthday weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to use the pictures from that weekend. All of us had a great time so what better way than to have it documented?

Most of the products that I used are My Creative Time stamps and dies, and a couple of other punches. This took me a quite a while to make. I think I mailed this to Helen almost a month after her birthday. Oopsie.