Thursday, January 21, 2010

day 4 of the storm!

Today is the 4th day since it's started raining! It was really windy today too. When Nye, Mia, and I was leaving for lunch we were about the blown away! The umbrellas were blowing the opposite direction. We blamed this on Nye because she made fun of someone else's umbrella being blown the opposite direction. haha. The rain stopped for about an hour and I made it home just before it started again!

I don't have a new project today because I've been a lazy bum in bed just reading my book and watching TV instead. I made this about 2 weeks ago but I didn't realize I hadn't posted the picture yet. The picture is a bit dark because it's taken on my phone.

A nice shirt to support breast cancer. I've been wanting a cartridge that had a ribbon on it and the Designer Calendar Cartridge came with it. The words are from the All Mixed Up Cartridge.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

rain, rain, go away!

OMG, this storm is out of control! It's been raining all week! Yesterday, there were some tornado warnings. who would of thought there would be tornadoes in California right? It's just crazy. I had to drive home in a crazy storm today. When I pulled into my drive way, it was so bad that I sat in my car for about 10 mins before I went inside the house.

I took this from my porch. I know you can't see the rain that well in the picture but look at my yard. It's filled with water where the sprinklers are.

The streets are filled with water! I did have fun driving through the puddles. I like the splashes I made when I made turns. haha.

I know I normally don't make cards and stuff BUT we were celebrating a birthday for a manager at work today. She's absolutely awesome and she's done a lot to help me out even though I don't report to her directly.

It's a nice simple birthday card. hehe it's a bit crooked. I cut out the "happy birthday" from my Stamping Cartridge. The cupcake from the Gypsy Wandering Cartridge. And embossed it with the Cuttlebug embossing folder "Tiny Bubbles"

As I've been addicted to vinyls and considering how cheap these treat holders are, I had to do it again!

"Anna's Goodies"

And a simple monogram hand sanitizer.

hehe I love it that I get more readers everyday! Thanks for looking!

Monday, January 18, 2010

super addicted to vinyl

Happy Monday and Happy MLK Day! I am off work today! The great thing about working for a bank is that, you get all national holidays off!

Mike had the day off too and we were going to go to Disneyland today...! But the weather is not agreeing with us. It is raining like crazy in So. Cal! It's super windy too. There are things flying outside everywhere.

Mike went to have lunch with his BFF Rony. So I thought I'd do an update before I go back to reading my book. I stared reading The Lovely Bones. It's pretty good.

OH yeah saw the Avatar yesterday. Pretty good movie but pretty much a rip off of Pocahontas. Haha.

Since I bought vinyl from hhsignssupply, I've been super addicted! It's so easy to make projects. Now everywhere I go (Dollar Tree, 99 cent only stores, Target, Walmart) I think of what I can put vinyl on. haha. Glass etching was so yesterday!

As I mentioned, my old manager, Kent got promoted. Here's a couple of things I put vinyl on.

a jar for him to put candy in. Instead of glass etching, I used vinyl!

found this at dollar tree. what a steal! it says "Kent's special treats" and I baked some brownies and cut them in squares and put them in it.

congrats sign. it's been so long since I've cut paper, it's weird. haha

of course a freezer paper t was needed! "CLS: customer level solutions" the department I work in.

and the back of the shirt... we are "the best of the best" and some diamonds. cuz diamonds are rare. haha

Thanks for looking! I'm going to enjoy the rain on my day off and stay in bed all day!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

vinyl craze

lately, I've been on Cricut vinyl MB. I don't have SCAL but those ladies make some awesome stuff with vinyl. Cricut vinyl is so expensive and that's why I haven't tried anything with it. It's $10 for I think 2 feet? But since I've been lurking on the MB, there were so many great tips on where to get the cheaper vinyl and what kind. had GREAT deals on outdoor vinyl(last longer) it was only $1.49 a yard! SO Nye, Mia, and I combined our order and we got free shipping!

the vinyl came on Monday and I was so excited about how much vinyl there was.

Remember how I kept talking about I need a craft space? WELL, here is the reason why!

My little table with my Cricut and some junk on it.

my shelves with most of my crafts stuff on it.

my very unorganized 12x12 paper shelf. I REALLY NEED MORE SPACE.

today I finally played with the vinyls I got. Here's what I've made so far! SO EASY!

decorated hand sanitizers. I actually did something like this for my friends for Christmas but I did those with paper. This is so much cuter and easier to make.

and then I went overboard with trying to label my cotton and q-tip jar. lol

found this flask at Walmart for only $4. I really hope the outdoor vinyl doesn't wash off. I've read that it doesn't but let's see. Made this for my old boss, WHO ALSO GOT PROMOTED. everyone getting promotions! moving on to bigger and better things! I need to start.


best of so cal

hellooooo! I know I really don't post as much as I should. It's mostly because my laptop is kind of old and it's a bit slow! so I don't turn it on like everyday. haha. Also, I've been busy! Living in So. Cal... plenty of things to do! Mike, Wendy, Rony, and I have a season pass to DISNEYLAND! It's so not worth it unless you get a season pass. Too many lines and too many people.

California Adventuree

Wendy and I waiting in one of the many lines.

Another thing I like to do...

This is actually a sunrise! I took this picture while I was driving on my way to work. haha. so pretty couldn't resist. With the blur of the other cars, you can probably tell that I was driving pretty fast!

this was taken yesterday before it rained. And a little bit of the L.A traffic for you. hehe At least it wasn't on my side. I was going against traffic!

Monday, January 4, 2010

love audrey hepburn

saw this picture on I thought it was super cute! Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golightly and NY. I got a big Audrey Hepburn poster for Christmas from Wendy and i want to put in a frame but i haven't bought one!