Friday, November 27, 2009

testing! Blogging from my phone...

cartridge overload!

today was obviously black Friday! I went to best buy, walmart, and Micheal's this morning. There were so many people that you think they're giving away stuff for free! Michael's was pretty empty. I bought a new cartridge there! PAGODA! An Asian culture inspired theme. And I bought like $30 worth of Christmas ribbons.

But the excitement came when I got to work today. Mia got a cricut! She camped out at walmart last night and got the walmart special edition expression. A blue one, for only $188! so sad. When I bought mine, it was $290!

Anyway then! had a really good sale on their cartridges. I originally had planned on buying only 3! However, I ended up with 6!!!! It just kept adding and it just kept on going! Mia bought 4 too. I told her she will never have extra money again. Because it will all go to cartridges! I buy a new cartridge almost every pay day.... My other co-worker Cecilia bought 3 cartridges. The 3 of us spend $326! I was a little upset with because AFTER I spent $326 I wanted to add something else to my order for Cecilia and they told me I couldn't!! and that I had to place a separate order. They only give free shipping on order over $200!

I've also been stashing up my cricut reward certificates. I had 1250 and I spent 900 pts to get a new cartridge! I got a total 8 cartridges today. Merry Christmas to me!

I got...
1. Pagoda
2. Mini Monograms
3. All Mixed up
4. Doodle Charms
5. Life's A Beach
6. My Community
7. Stamping Solutions
8. When It's Cold Outside

I know a lot of the ones I got are old cartridges but I've been wanting them for awhile and been keeping a list... There's still about 20 more cartridges that I want.. provocraft needs to slow down. I can't catch up!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

white bedroom crafts?

Hello Everyone!

There will not be any real updates with new projects today. I have been working on several things but it's a secret until Christmas! hehe.

so I am so jealous of all the ladies who have their own scrapbook room/work studio! Everything I make is out of my little bedroom and sometimes I wish I had more space. Not only do I have all my arts & crafts stuff... I have TONS(like 70 pairs) of shoes! My closet is super filled. I don't have room for anything! I even have some stuff in my bathroom(glass etching cream and paint brushes are on my sink)

I am thinking about calling my blog "White Bedroom Crafts." I don't know how many of you guys are a fan of the TV show One Tree Hill but there is a character name Peyton. She named her record company "Red Bedroom Records" because her bedroom in high school was all red. Since my dad won't let me paint my room, it's just white. lol. So I thought it would be appropriate to call it "White Bedroom Crafts"? Eventually AND HOPEFULLY I'll get a seperate space just for all my hobbies! My daddy says he's going to build me a backhouse in our backyard but he's been saying that since I moved back in like 3 years ago!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

christmas came early!

hehehe Christmas definitely came early! my oh-so-wonderful boyfriend got me the gypsy for Christmas! but he gave it to me earlyyyy!

I have yet to learn how to use it.... I've been carrying it in my purse. lol I need to really learn how to use it because I've had design studio since I've had my cricut over a year ago and I never learned how to use it! such a waste!

I know I haven't updated in sometime... because I've been busy with work, friends, boyfriend and projectssss

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the recreational football team at work asked me to do their football t-shirts!

and here they are! in support of breast cancer, they did PINK! I did 14 of them! with the help of Nye and Mia.

been working a new project! inspired from

they're photo coaster made out of tiles!

this is for my old boss Bruno! I will be going to New Jersey in two weeks and I will bring it to him then! He and his wife went to West Viriginia University so I'm sure they will love it!

these are for my test hooores. lol they love it when I make new projects because I always make it for them first.

for the boyfriend! living in Los Angeles, you have to be a Dodgers fan!

this is also for my boyfriend! it's a picture of us from our friends Sally and Wendy's birthday dinner.

a blanket i made for my co-worker

a set of coasters I made for co-workers Dad.

anyway, thanks for looking!