Sunday, November 15, 2009

christmas came early!

hehehe Christmas definitely came early! my oh-so-wonderful boyfriend got me the gypsy for Christmas! but he gave it to me earlyyyy!

I have yet to learn how to use it.... I've been carrying it in my purse. lol I need to really learn how to use it because I've had design studio since I've had my cricut over a year ago and I never learned how to use it! such a waste!

I know I haven't updated in sometime... because I've been busy with work, friends, boyfriend and projectssss

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the recreational football team at work asked me to do their football t-shirts!

and here they are! in support of breast cancer, they did PINK! I did 14 of them! with the help of Nye and Mia.

been working a new project! inspired from

they're photo coaster made out of tiles!

this is for my old boss Bruno! I will be going to New Jersey in two weeks and I will bring it to him then! He and his wife went to West Viriginia University so I'm sure they will love it!

these are for my test hooores. lol they love it when I make new projects because I always make it for them first.

for the boyfriend! living in Los Angeles, you have to be a Dodgers fan!

this is also for my boyfriend! it's a picture of us from our friends Sally and Wendy's birthday dinner.

a blanket i made for my co-worker

a set of coasters I made for co-workers Dad.

anyway, thanks for looking!

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  1. Hi,
    I have enjoyed your blog spot. you are very creative. I live in San Antonio, Tx., but i was raise in Maywood, CA near in LA county. I really miss it. Anyways, I would love to make the tile coasters. We are big Laker and Dodger fans, we get alot of flack from Spur fans. These are some crazy people lol. Could you share instructions on making them?
    I would appreicate it very much.
    Thanks, Sylvia