Friday, November 27, 2009

cartridge overload!

today was obviously black Friday! I went to best buy, walmart, and Micheal's this morning. There were so many people that you think they're giving away stuff for free! Michael's was pretty empty. I bought a new cartridge there! PAGODA! An Asian culture inspired theme. And I bought like $30 worth of Christmas ribbons.

But the excitement came when I got to work today. Mia got a cricut! She camped out at walmart last night and got the walmart special edition expression. A blue one, for only $188! so sad. When I bought mine, it was $290!

Anyway then! had a really good sale on their cartridges. I originally had planned on buying only 3! However, I ended up with 6!!!! It just kept adding and it just kept on going! Mia bought 4 too. I told her she will never have extra money again. Because it will all go to cartridges! I buy a new cartridge almost every pay day.... My other co-worker Cecilia bought 3 cartridges. The 3 of us spend $326! I was a little upset with because AFTER I spent $326 I wanted to add something else to my order for Cecilia and they told me I couldn't!! and that I had to place a separate order. They only give free shipping on order over $200!

I've also been stashing up my cricut reward certificates. I had 1250 and I spent 900 pts to get a new cartridge! I got a total 8 cartridges today. Merry Christmas to me!

I got...
1. Pagoda
2. Mini Monograms
3. All Mixed up
4. Doodle Charms
5. Life's A Beach
6. My Community
7. Stamping Solutions
8. When It's Cold Outside

I know a lot of the ones I got are old cartridges but I've been wanting them for awhile and been keeping a list... There's still about 20 more cartridges that I want.. provocraft needs to slow down. I can't catch up!

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