Wednesday, February 17, 2010

coming down with a cold!

so I think I'm coming down with a cold!! My throat has been super itchy the last 2 days and today it got worse... People at work are sick... and they still come to work sick because we get in trouble when we call out sick too many times and it's still the beginning of the year so I'm sure they're stashing up their days. Anyway....

Here is a quick update with something I made for a manager's birthday at work.

It says "Rubenpalooza" I absolutely have no idea what that means, but they asked me to make this so I did! It's just a container and I put brownies in it.

simple cupcake pick.

a co-worker of mine made the cupcakes and I made the cupcake picks.

I just finished eating dinner and I'm going to take some medicine and hopefully that will make me feel better! Thanks for looking

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day was pretty awesome. My boyfriend is absolutely great!!! I got a pair diamond hoop earrings. Some that I've been wanting for a long time! I was so busy with the baby showers that I didn't get to make him anything but he did get some nice presents =)

Here's a couple of things I made for co-workers

Made this for my co-workers girlfriend. Got a cup of coffee in return. lol

made this for Mia and Nye got one too.

Made this for Nye and Mia. This was super cute and super easy to make. This is the box from the Love Struck Cartridge. The box is a bit lopsided because the cardstock I used is the eco friendly one... and It didn't do too well with the candy inside it.

I made these for like 30 of my female co-workers! It was a hit. For $0.16 a tile... it was such a cute gift.


February Baby Showers

I have been so busy the last two weeks due to two baby showers! Mike's cousin's Marlenny's baby shower was on 2/7. Right on Super Bowl Sunday! Not a big football fan... but I like Reggie Bush. so go Saints!

This was my first diaper cake! I scraplifted someone from the MB for the top. Now I can't find who made it. Anyhow I like it that it's for a girl cuz I got to use flowers. The theme was pink and brown. I think I could have added more stuff in, but I guess not bad for my first one!

I also made her some favors. They're very simple. It's little purses cut from Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge. And then I put some tissues in it and 4 mini size snickers.

A couple things I made as gifts...

a personalized baby bottle.

just a container I found at the $1 section at Target... I figured she can put like cheerios for the baby.

baby kailin

every girl is a princess!

and of course, every girl loves shoes!

On Friday 2/12 we had a baby shower for my co-worker Yvonne.

Nye decorated her desk and we each did one balloon column.

Evie sitting at her desk.

hand sanitizer favors. got these from Dollar tree 2 for $1. Then I replaced the logo with some hearts and added a ribbon. super cute and super different for shower favors.

these are the other favors. got these clear pillow boxes from They were actually really small =( I didn't read the sizes carefully and I actually bought like 75 of these! I was a bit sad... but still worked out with the pink jelly beans.

all the favors

some water bottle tags. I love embossing stuff. It gives it an extra kick!

here is the 3 of us and the mommy to be... the background looks like Valentine's Day threw up in my office. haha

decorate your own mylar ballooons

hello everyone! SO I found my camera. It was in one of my purses. I didn't bother to check in all of them. and got an "I TOLD YOU SO!" from Mike. =) anyhow! I also got a new laptop so I'll be able to update more!

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to decorate for a co-workers birthday and he loves USC. and working in the area that I work, they didn't have USC balloons at the last minute. So I remember reading it on this BLOG ( and I knew I could make my own USC balloons.

I could have made the letters bigger, but not bad for the 1st time!

Thanks for looking!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I still can't find my camera =( Mike thinks it's in my car but umm.... I haven't really looked! I'm not so concerned about the actual camera being lost, but more of my memory card! There are a lot of pictures in there that I haven't loaded on to my laptop! I will be borrowing Mike's camera today so I can take pictures of the things I've been working on!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Feb!

Happpy Monday! and Happy 1st day of February! Already the first month of 2010 is over.

It's been awhile since I updated! I finished reading The Lovely Bones and I started on my Sookie Stackhouse Series (True Blood Books). since it rained so much in LA, it snowed a lot in the mountains! Last Friday night Mike, Wendy, Rony, and I went up to Big Bear to go snowboarding. It took us about 6 hours to get up there (It should of taken us no longer than 2 hours)

There were so many people trying to get up there. A lot of cars were stuck on the side of the road. Anyway! we made it up. Here's a picture of me in action!

Mike took this picture on his phone.

I have made several things in the last week but umm.... I seem to have MISPLACED my camera! I think it's in my car but I haven't made the attempt to go look. It's not in my room because I cleaned my room last week and didn't find it. Not at my desk at work either. Anyway!

Here's a card I made for my co-workers birthday.

I'm loving embossing with my cuttlebug. The butterfly is from Gypsy Wandering Cartridge.

This is the inside. Happy Birthday from Celebrations Cartridge. Lol so it says "<3 CT" because though everyone knows my name is Cynthia, they all call me CT. Nye started calling me that when we first started in our department like a year and a half ago and it's stuck ever since! Last Christmas, I wrote "Love, Cynthia" and noone knew that it was from me!

I am absolutely loving making these hand sanitizer bottles! It's very inexpensive and also it's quick and easy.

As always, thanks for looking! and I'll update once I find my camera!