Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy Feb!

Happpy Monday! and Happy 1st day of February! Already the first month of 2010 is over.

It's been awhile since I updated! I finished reading The Lovely Bones and I started on my Sookie Stackhouse Series (True Blood Books). since it rained so much in LA, it snowed a lot in the mountains! Last Friday night Mike, Wendy, Rony, and I went up to Big Bear to go snowboarding. It took us about 6 hours to get up there (It should of taken us no longer than 2 hours)

There were so many people trying to get up there. A lot of cars were stuck on the side of the road. Anyway! we made it up. Here's a picture of me in action!

Mike took this picture on his phone.

I have made several things in the last week but umm.... I seem to have MISPLACED my camera! I think it's in my car but I haven't made the attempt to go look. It's not in my room because I cleaned my room last week and didn't find it. Not at my desk at work either. Anyway!

Here's a card I made for my co-workers birthday.

I'm loving embossing with my cuttlebug. The butterfly is from Gypsy Wandering Cartridge.

This is the inside. Happy Birthday from Celebrations Cartridge. Lol so it says "<3 CT" because though everyone knows my name is Cynthia, they all call me CT. Nye started calling me that when we first started in our department like a year and a half ago and it's stuck ever since! Last Christmas, I wrote "Love, Cynthia" and noone knew that it was from me!

I am absolutely loving making these hand sanitizer bottles! It's very inexpensive and also it's quick and easy.

As always, thanks for looking! and I'll update once I find my camera!

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