Wednesday, March 10, 2010



sorry it's been so long since I last posted! I've been sick like forever! I still have a nasty cough. Been to the doctor and almost done with all the cough syrup. oh so funny story about that... the directions said to take 1-2 TEAspoon before bedtime and I was taking 2 TABLEspoons before bedtime and sleeping like a baby! I finally read the bottle like 4 days after I was taking it! and I was like OMG. lol.

I also celebrated my early 24th birthday with my friend Jenn. We all drove down to San Diego, where Jenn lives. We had brunch at this awesome restaurant Tom Ham's Lighthouse.

Downtown San Diego

anyway last week, I took pretty much the whole day off so I can get some rest. I thought I would make all kinds of stuff BUT no! I had Monday off and I slept all day! I had half of Tuesday off and I stayed in bed and watched TV all day. On Wednesday, I had lunch with my wonderful friends SALLY and WENDY! then made a couple of cards when Nye and Mia came over. Thursday I had a job interview in a different department... AND GUESS WHAT! I GOT THE JOB! I'm super excited. I'll be relocating to the old building I used to work in two years ago. I'll be starting in April! Then I hung with my friends T-Mai and Sally. We had some awesome tacos from the taco truck! I liked not working for a bit... I got to hang out with my friends whenever I wanted! Friday-Sunday I was in San Francisco with Nye and Mia. It was fun! Spoiled little L.A girls taking public transportation everywhere and omg so much walking! I missed my car! ...most of my I missed wonderful wonderful boyfriend MIKE! He picked me up at the airport with some flowers! I was so suprised. He's so great!

Lombard Street and View of SF

hehe So I thought I had uploaded some pictures of some projects already but I don't have it =( sorry next post.