Monday, August 20, 2012

DIY easy headband

Good morning everybody! Happy Monday! This is the LAST week before I start school on Monday next week. I’m kinda sad. I liked having my summer nights to do whatever I wanted. Most of the time it’s cook and clean. Lol. Dave always says I’m Susie Home Maker. I love challenging myself to save money on groceries. A couple of weeks ago, I made 9 day worth of meals(lunch and dinner) for under $100!

Today I have an easy headband tutorial for you. I’ve seen a ton of different tutorial on fabric flowers on Pinterest but been too lazy to try it.

So on one of my many Michael’s trips, I found these adorable fabric flowers by Jolee’s Boutique. I believe they’re just 3D embellishments for scrapbook pages. But I thought I could use it for a headband.

I already had the pink headband that I got from Micahel’s on clearance. It was the ITop headbands. I ripped off the Itop button part – I was going to glue to the flower there anyway.

You cut 2 pieces of felt out in a circle. Glue one to the bottom of the headband.

And glue the on top of the headband

And voila, here you have your headband. Photo courtesy of Dave at 7 a.m. before we were rushing to work. Lol

A close up of the head band and me laughing and telling Dave he’s fired as the photographer.

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Friday, August 17, 2012

more than french fries

This is a card that I made for none other than my tall, dark, and handsome! I LOVE LOVE LOVE french fries -- well pretty much anything potatoes! I saw this french fries sticker (along with a hambuger that I already tossed in the trash. Yikes!) at Michael's.

I thought it would be super perfect for this card! I haven't made a card without stamps in awhile and I love how it turned out! Dave was really surprised when he saw it. I snuck it in between his laptop and he saw it when he got it work.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Melissa's Bridal Shower Thank You Cards

Melissa's Bridal Shower was in July and she wanted to send a thank you card to each guest. She wrote a personalized message in each card according to the gift she received. Wanna know how I know? She gave me a card that I made myself. Lol. We totally laughed about it because she said "It feels weird giving you a card that you made."

I made about 20 of these. Dave asked me why she didn't just buy them. I was insulted! hahaha These cards were really easy to make. They're 5x5 square cards. I kept to the damask and purple theme. I used MCT Fancy Frame Stamp & Die Set & Floral Sentinment Stamp Set.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Melissa's Bachelorette Party

Melissa’s Bachelorette Party was over the weekend in Las Vegas. You know it’s L.A’s backyard playground. The whole weekend was so so so much fun! I planned the whole event myself. I was so proud of myself on how it turned out. Everyone called me the time nazi because I was on everyone’s ass about getting ready and going to places on time. We stayed at the Harrah’s. Nai, Shanna, Monica and I got to Vegas early on Friday. The rest of the girls didn’t arrive until about 2 a.m on Friday night/Saturday morning. We still managed to go out and stay up until 5 a.m! Sin City never sleeps.

We went to the spa at Aria Saturday afternoon. Let me tell you that the Aria Spa was one of the best decisions I made for the weekend! Since it was a bachelorette party we got a discount. It was only $20 for the day spa access. I mean originally it’s $30 – which is still a deal for what they offer. Aria’s Day Spa has hot stone beds, salt rooms for you to relax in, steam room, sauna, hot and cold jaccuzis! They provided unlimited water, juices, nuts and fruits for you to snack on. When you’re done with your day, they provide showers with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream, disposable razors, disposable tooth brushes, mouth wash, hair spray, hair gel, mousse, hairbrushes, combs, towels, hair dryers, curling irons, straightening irons – you name it! They provided everything for you to get ready with minus the make ups. Everyone was so pleased with the spa!

After the spa we ate at the buffet at Harrah’s. The best thing about the buffet, I got to see my friend Ian! It’s been like two years since I’ve last seen him. I also got to meet his adorable girlfriend! He lives in the Bay Area now so I definitely visit him. After the buffet, we all got readied to go to 1 Oak Nightclub inside the Mirage. We had bottle service – which was really nice since we had our place to sit and drinks were included. We even had security to escort us to the restroom if we wanted!

I literally ran on 4 hours of sleep and my crazy ass drove back to L.A right after the club at 4 a.m. Nai, Shanna, and Monica slept. I got home in 3 hours with making 2 restroom stops. Haha I was driving really fast!  I was dreading the traffic and I wanted to leave as soon as we woke up. But I figured since I was still up, I might as well start the journey. Plus Nai had a flight at 2:30 and I thought we should get back sooner than later.

So below are the pictures from the weekend – mostly rated PG. *wink wink* I made two banners to put up in the two hotel rooms that we got. One said “He put a ring on it” It’s kind of an inside joke with us. Because Melissa used to always dance to Beyonce’s Single Ladies. But now she can’t cuz he put a ring on it. Lol. The other banner said “Last fling before the ring.” It was kind of the theme of the weekend.

Each girl got a gift bag. I personalized each tote bag. Inside the tote bags was an emergency kit with hair ties, bobby pins, safety pins, antibacterial wipes, condom(being that this is a bachelorette party – something naughty was needed!), tylonels. Also had a makeup bag, tissue, and an acrylic tumbler. I know I forgot to take pictures of the contents inside.

I also made everyone personalized wine glasses for us to toast with. I got some pink moscato. But of course, I forgot a wine opener. So we didn’t end up toasting. The wine glass became another gift.

Another thing I made that I was so proud was Melissa’s veil! I knew she wouldn’t keep it on very long so I decided to make it with the tulles that I already had. It turned out really cute. I will have a tutorial post on how I made it. Because I took pictures during the process. Melissa was a good sport with wearing the veil and the “bride-to-be” sash. She made fun of herself and said “I’m THAT girl that I make fun of” lol

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Easy Card from your scraps

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to share a quick card that I made using my scraps. All I did was cut some squares and then rounded only two of the corners using a corner chomper. And then just glued those pieces to my card base with a DIY flag with Happy Birthday stamped on it.

Heheh and then of course, I have to share pictures of my Cody! Ever since we got him, we’ve only taken pictures of him and not really with him. This was a couple of weeks ago when we were just hanging out in the backyard.

look at my little handsome devil smiling!

Kisses for Mommy! Lol look at my face -- I look like "ew don't lick me!"

“Aw mom! Not in front of my friends!”

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