Thursday, December 31, 2009

some presents for someone who has everything

Recently I had lunch with an old friend. My friend Siuhung and I was very close when I worked in my old department. But Since I transfered I haven't seen her... for over a year and a half! She brought me a present when we went to lunch! And I wanted to get her something for her birthday but she has like EVERYTHING. So I decided to make her some things!

etched wine glasses for her and her fiance.

a mirror with her name.

I actually wanna make her more stuff! so more things to come =)

happy new year everyone!

softball team shirts

I made this for my co-worker's soft ball team. I made 12 of these. P.Y.T... assuming pretty young thing? haha

I was so proud that barely any of the shirts bled. When I did the football team shirts there was so much bleeding. BUT practice makes perfect!

for the love of harry potter

hehe so I always make twilight shirts so I thought it would be awesome to make a harry potter one too! This is from the last and final installment....Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Deathly Hallows are the magical objects made up by J.K Rowling.

The triangle represents the Cloak of Invisibility, the cricle represents the Resurrection Stone, and the line represents the Elder Wand. I loved it when I saw it on the wikipedia page and I thought it would be awesome on a shirt!

Monday, December 28, 2009

isle esme

Since reading Breaking Dawn for the 2nd time(well really listening for the 2nd time) I thought this would be a cute shirt to make. For the non-twilighters... "Isle Esme" is pretty much a fake island made up by Stephanie Meyer for Edward and Bella to go on their honeymoon. It's suppose to be somewhere off Rio?

this actually turned out better than I had pictured. I love the gold paint. The flowers were actually painted with a dimensional paint. It's not really dimensional because I used a paint brush. Anyway I thought this turned out very cute! my best shirt yet!

pictures on candle

today, I finally tried Kathy's method on the candles. Instead of using mod podge, I used the wax paper and hair dryer to seal the picture into the candle.

some Japanese flowers.

love the "live, love, laugh"

other side.

grandma's cookie jar

etched this for my boss's grandmother for christmas.

says "grandma"

on the back, I put some flowers.

I love etching! hehe dummy that I am, I never read any instructions on anything I do. I like to...just wing it! All these etching I've been doing, I wasn't suppose to be touching the etching cream. When I wash off the cream, I just use my fingers to rub stuff off but that's dangerous! Mike made me buy some gloves the other day. He says it has all kinds of chemicals in the etching cream and it's not safe! My knight in shining armor. =)

wine gift baskets

Nye, Mia, and I combined efforts to make these for a couple of our managers at work for Christmas. We etched 2 beer mugs/wine glasses, along with 4 coasters of their sports team, candy, and a bottle of moscato.

this one is for Sandra. We added a planner since she's a girl.

Kent doesn't drink wine, so we did beer mugs and beer instead.

and this one is for Mark. He is no longer our manager but he was!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

pictures on candles

I'm always lurking on Cricut MB for new ideas. haha but I am trying to be more active on it. Anyhow... kathymiller1 on Cricut MB did this and I thought I'd try it. Well the way I did it was, I just printed my picture on tissue paper and use a very thin layer of mod podge to seal the picture on the candle.... BUT her original directions are...

"To print on tissue paper, you cut out a piece of plain white tissue paper bigger than the picture you want to print. I usually cut mine like 6 x 6. Then you tape it to a piece of regular printer paper or card stock. I use paper, but a lot of ladies use the card stock. The trick is that you have to make sure and tape all the way around all edges of the tissue paper so it doesn't catch when feeding thru the printer. Then you cut around your design and place it on the candle where you want it. Then take a piece of waxed paper longer than the candle and taller than the design....and wrap it tightly around the candle...pulling the excess tight. Then use an embossing gun or blow dryer on high setting....and keep moving it over where the picture is until it "melts" into the candle. "

Here's how mine turned out but I need to try Kathy's original plan.

etched beer mugs

I found a bunch of these beer mugs at Dollar Tree. I thought they would made really awesome Chrismas gifts. I actually bought just 2 to give to my boyfriend and his bff, Rony. They always complain that the cups that my friend, Wendy(Rony's girlfriend) and I drink out of are too small.

I put "Mike's Man Cup" and on Rony's I put "Rony's Man Cup" they really liked it.

So after it was hit with them, I decided to make some for some of my male co-workers.

They liked it too.

This one is for my teammate Ricky, but this one was no $1 Dollar Tree mug. This one was $2.50 from IKEA! I acutally bought this before I went to Dollar Tree and I was too lazy to return it at IKEA.

team edward

my friend sally is a big fan of twilight like I am. We were actually reading the books at the same time. It was nice to have someone to talk about the book while I was reading it! When I had her as a secret santa, I made her this shirt too.

hehe Definitely Team Edward, except when Jacob is half naked. oh that 17 year old boy!

Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas!

yay!! finally christmas! opened all my presents!!! I got....

gypsy, gypsy scilicone cover, a ring from tiffanys on 5th aves in NY! sweethearts cartridge, designer calendar cartridge, everyday paper doll cartridge, a cricut tool set, cuttle bug folders! a jewlery box, earrings, a new hair dryer! EDWARD CULLEN barbie doll! pajamas, family guy dvd, 5 dresses from forever 21, ATG 700!!! sookie stackhouse book set, pioneer woman cookbook, sephora make up pallette, stilla make up pallette, dior make up pallette, audrey hepburn poster, a bluetooth headset, a scratcher ticket that I didn't win. haha.

yay christmas! I can't wait to use/play/read/wear everything i got!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

christmas presents

so I've been very busy since new york! last weekend I was up in the mountain for some snowboarding.

here's a couple of pictures of me and boyfriend from new york

at central park literary walk

at rockefeller center

and snowboarding!

it really wasn't that bad. it snowed the night before we went.

me and couple of my bffs wendy and sally.

and NOW for the projects I've been working on. since they were all Christmas presents for my friends and they read my blog, I couldn't post what I've been working on. We finally had our secret santa exchange on Friday.

personalized hand sanitizer bottle. I just peeled the original label off and made my own.

up close one

monogram tiles. I got the tiles from Lowes and just used mod podge to seal it together. I got the display easels for 2 for $1 at dollar tree.

up close one. I used sparkly mod podge.

found these scarfs at the 99 cent store! I thought they were an awesome steal.

Personalized them using freezer paper method.

shot glasses etched. it says "h" and then a snowflake.

got these blankets at walmart. and used freezer paper method to personalize them. my friend Thao thought I puffy painted them. lol and my friend Mai said "we're not in high school any more!"

up close

this is made on a paint canvas. I painted pink and then used mod podge to seal the pictures on there. Lucky 8 instead of 7 because there was 8 of us and we played roulette with the number 8 and we won!

found these frames at IKEA for only $1! and etched these that said friends.

these are the presents my friends got.

this is a cookie jar I got for my secret santa sally! I baked some cookies and put them in there. I had her 2 years in a row.

anyway, thanks for looking! I actually have more projects I just made at home. I'll post later on this week!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Since the newly release of new moon(which sucks BTW. Kirsten Stewert cannot act! and the movie does the book no justice) I wanted to make myself a shirt. I know this quote is actually from Twilight but I absolutely loved it when I saw it on a shirt! I got the shirt from Wal-Mart for only $3! It's from Miley Cyrus's new clothing line. lol

It says "stupid, shiny volvo owner" I love Edward =)

Now off to finish packing everything! Not looking forward to the cold east coast weather! Southern California is the absolute best!

mickey mouse cupcake picks

another old project. I made these for my co-workers birthday. Cupcake picks are the easiest to make!