Thursday, September 20, 2012

Melissa & Aeron's Wedding

Helloooo everyone! I have been SUPER DUPER busy the last couple of weeks and completely abandoned my blog!!! Of course there was Melissa & Aeron’s wedding! I was running a sweat shop at my house to finish up all the wedding stuff for them. Patty and Monica came to help and all the boys watched TV and played beer pong.

The week of the wedding, 08/27- 09/01, I STARTED SCHOOL! A couple of days before the wedding, I was trying to finish up the seating arrangement and got frustrated with the printer. It kept printing off centered. I gave up and laid on the floor of my craft room and pretty much cried. HAHA. Dave came and helped me but the printer was still a mess! I had to improvise and got it done! On top of all of this, I had 2 projects due at work! I was getting overwhelmed by everything. (Dave asked if I was getting married because I was so stressed) I had gotten sick. You know my usual -- sore throat, ears hurting, tongue swelling, etc. Anyhow, the wedding turned out really great! Here are the pictures below.

Thank you all for joining me!

White Bedroom Crafts