Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Flat Iron Cozy Tutorial

Since I hadn’t played with my sewing machine in awhile, I wanted to make something last night. A couple of years ago, I bought a ton of insulation batting to make curling iron/flat iron holders. But I never got around to making it! My mom gave me a ton of fabrics!

I mostly just want to sew aprons, purses, curtains, and etc. Not so much of clothes.

I got my inspiration from Rubies & Pearl blog

This is for a flat iron cozy. It’s a little short to fit my curling iron.

You’ll need Two fabric strips measuring 6x30 inches & One piece of insulation batting measuring 6x30inches

Place the fabrics in these orders – first piece of fabric down right side up, second piece of fabric down right side down, and the batting on top of that.

Pin all three layers together

Sew along the edges leaving 1/4 inch seam.

Clip the corners.

Flip the fabric right side out so that the insulation batting is in the middle.

It should look like this.

On the other side where it’s not sewn yet, you’ll cut the insulation batting about ¼ inch on top and another ¼ inch on the side about 3 inches down.

You’ll sew it together like this, this will be your flap to close it.

Fold it to the 3 inch mark.

Pin it together.

Sew along the edges leaving 3/4 inch seam and then cut of the excess on the side.

Flip it inside out.


Place your flat iron inside.

So now when you need to take your flat iron on the go, you won’t have to wait until it cools down any more.

I’ll be making another similar tutorial for a curling iron!

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Monday, June 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Nai

Today is my good friend’s Nai’s Birthday! When I first started in this department, I trained with her for a whole month. I sat with her every day! In just a year, she has became one of my closest friends and almost like a big sister! She’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met. She says the funniest things and always make us laugh.

I hope you have the greatest one yet!

Oh I made her a Helly Kitty birthday card that I forgot to take a picture of… I’ll have her bring the card to work tomorrow and will take a picture then!

new toy -- DSLR D3100

Good morning everybody! I hope everyone had a nice weekend. The weather was absolutely beautiful here. I was sad that there was no sun but now there is TOO MUCH sun. It was sooo hot!

I had to clean out my room on Saturday. My parents are refinancing the house and there is an appraiser coming. Mike is so wonderful. He helped me move all my boxes, a dresser and all kinds of other stuff that I had to take to the garage. My room has never looked cleaner and bigger! (which is what we wanted for the appraiser)

Mike also got a new DSLR camera. So which means… that I have a new TOY to play with!! Hehehe I bought him a Nikon D3100 for Christmas. He upgraded to the Nikon D7000. He called me an Indian giver because I took my present back. Haha. Photography started out as just a hobby for him and now he’s getting small wedding gigs and gatherings. He’s also getting paid for it! It’s really great for him! I’m so happy for him and proud of him. I’m happy to be the enabler in this situation; as he enables me in my crafting.

Nai was suppose to have her birthday celebration on Saturday night but had to post pone it. USA vs Mexico Soccer game was going on at the Rose Bowl and it would have been too packed in Pasadena for her celebration. So Mike and I went to the Giffith Observatory to take pictures. He’s been wanting to go there for awhile. But I got bored whenever he was taking pictures and wanted to leave. This time, it was a different situation because I had a camera to play with!!! Here are some of my shots.

we went right at sunset. 

what a cute couple! they were having a nice picnic.

the Griffith Observatory

the beautiful sunset

I love L.A!!!

The Hollywood Sign. 

L.A Skyline at night.


 I LOVE the colors at sunset.

hehe Love him!

On Sunday, Mike and Rony went paintballing; which meant that it was play time for me and Wendy. Lately, we’ve been seeing on a lot of blogs about taking old furniture and using spray paint to fix it up. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! We were inspired. So yesterday we each had a project to work on. She wanted to repaint her vanity mirror and I had an old stool that my mom wanted me to repaint.

Here’s the stool before repainting it. It was exteremly dirty and ugly. I had to wipe it down with bleech before spray painting it.

This is the stool after. It was so easy. And best of all, I discovered this spray paint grip. It’s a comfort grip! I LOVE IT!!!


In between the paint coats, we relaxed by the pool and swam. Well, I just sat in the pool while Wendy swam. Lol. It was such a nice day yesterday. Wendy and I cant wait to spray paint more things!!!

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Toad-ally devoted to you

Good morning everybody! Happy Friday! The June gloom hasn’t gone away here and it’s kind of making me mad! It’s like dark and gray EVERY morning. I thought we’d be going to the beach, swimming, and doing outdoorsy stuff by now!

My card today is SO SO cute! I wanted to use the Scrappy Moms Stamp Set – Furry Friends again so I chose this sentiment “Toad-ally devoted to you.” I laughed to myself after the card was put together because the little animal… it’s a FROG!! It’s kind of funny because I really don’t know the difference between a toad and a frog!

Cricut: Frog – Create a Critter Cartridge
Cuttlebug: Tiny Bubbles Embossing Folder
Punch: EK Success Large Slim Paper Punch - Photo Labels
Stamp: Scrappy Moms Stamps -- Furry Friends
Other: Tim Holtz Distress Ink & White Gel Pen

Thank you so much for stoppy by and hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

what a tweet-heart!

Good morning everybody! Boy was I glad I went back to work yesterday! We had an associate recognition meeting for the 2nd quarter. To make things more fun, my boss had a watermelon eating contest for us.

The team with the watermelons. When I started in the department last year… there was 10 of us. Now we’re down to 6 with 2 people leaving the department and 2 being on medical/paternity leaves.

Of course I won the contest! Nai and Melissa already said I was going to win because when I eat -- I don’t talk. I also eat like a starving child. So while we were eating it, my boss tried to make us laugh and she kept talking to us to distract us. I didn’t laugh or talk and continued eating! LOL. What’s my prize for winning you ask? A DAY OFF WORK!!! On top of my 4 weeks paid vacation! Benefits of working for a Fortune 500 Company!

Onto my card for today!! Yesterday my Scrappy Moms Stamps arrived. I ordered 2 sets – Sun Kissed & Furry Friends. I hadn’t used my Create a Critter Cartridge in awhile. So I had to bust it out to use it with my new Furry Friends Stamp Set.

Cricut: Bird – Create a Critter Cartridge, Tag – Once Upon a Princess Cartridge
Punch: Fiskars Border Punch-Apron Lace
Stamp: Scrappy Moms Stamps -- Furry Friends
Other: Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Ribbon & Button

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Feel The Love Project #1

Hello everyone! I have been sick the last 2 days. I had throat infection and couldn’t even talk. Luckily, it wasn’t contagious! I went to work on Monday and went home after 15 minutes to go to the doctor. I’ve been taking antibiotics since and feeling much better. I even went back to work today!

My Cricut Create got delivered on Friday!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! It’s much smaller and so PERFECT for making cards. So portable too! I know everyone’s talking about their new E2 but I’m loving an older version of the Cricut. It cuts SOO my better than my Expression. But it’s probably because I haven’t changed my blade since I bought it in 2008. YIKES!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned how I’m participating in the “I Feel The Love Project” -- hosted by Madison from Funky Cards. This is the first project for the month of June. Here’s my card for Ms. Pentoney.

Cricut: Doll – Once Upon A Princess Cartridge
Stamp: Peachy Keen – Wided Eyed Kids, My Creative Time – Pain, Pain, Go Away
Other: White Gel Pen, Bakers Twine & Button

I also made a card for Madison. I think it’s so wonderful that she’s doing this. There needs to be more people like her in the world!!! She’s just absolutely sweet.

Punch: EK Success Punch Corner Rounder - Large & EK Success Large Slim Paper Punch - Journal Plate & Bracket
Stamp: Papertrey Ink - Signature Greetings
Other: Bakers Twine & Button

I hope you can participate in the upcoming months for this project! Thank you so much for stopping by!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Super easy cupcake picks

Happy Friday everybody! I’m super excited because I’m getting off work at 2:30 today!! Thank you fathers!

My left hand has been hurting since yesterday and it hasn’t stop. Right now it is killing me as I’m typing. I’ve used Vics Vapor Rub and some icy hot patches but the pain hasn’t gone away! It looks swollen! I type all day at work and then when I get home I’m still working with my hands (i.e. crafting and baking). A couple of weeks ago it was my right hand. So my boss got me some gel pads to support my wrists. And it is so much more comfortable now! I guess better my left hand than my right! I’m right-handed so I wouldn’t be able to do anything if my right hand was hurting!

I have a simple cupcake pick that I made last night to share with you. I bought some mini cupcake pans and I’ve been dying to make mini cupcakes. So last night I made them.

I stamped my personalized stamp that I got couple of months ago and just used a 2” scalloped punch to punch it out. I only made 10 of them... just so people can know I made them without me having to send out an email!

Hehe I feel like my voice is being heard… sort of! I said if people gave free shipping on their stuff, I’m more likely to buy it… and Scrappy Mom’s Stamps is offering free shipping until June 30! Of course I jumped right on it!! SEE sucker for free shipping!

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Good morning everybody! I don’t have a real project today because last night I was out eating dinner with my friends and didn’t get home until past 10. Wendy and Sally started a “Restaurant of the Month” tradition last year. They pick a restaurant that no one has ever been to. Recently, I started joining them. Last night, we had really good Thai food. It was good catching up with everyone too.

Last night, the dinner wasn’t until 8 and I got off work at 5. So Mike and I were trying to kill time before the dinner. Of course we went to Michaels… nothing on sale there! They were calling it their "Annual Stock Up Sale"… I don’t think there was anything they had that I wanted to stock up on. Then we went to the 99 Cent Only Store nearby… GUESS WHAT I FOUND?! FOAM DOTS!!!

I’ve been looking for these at pretty much every single 99 Cent Only Store for the past 6 months! I had bought some there before Christmas and I couldn’t find them any more after that. I pretty much bought everything they had! They’re only a $1 and you get a lot for it. SOOOO much cheaper than buying glue dots at Michaels/Joann’s. If you have a 99 Cent Only Store near you, I highly recommend that you check them in your local stores. They're great for adding dimension to your cards/scrapbook pages.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

good luck pin wheel card

Happy hump day! Today I have another non-Cricut card for you. I thought I would be bringing home my Cricut tonight but nope. Yesterday when we were going to film me taking the tape of the Cricut, I noticed that certain parts of the buttons are still showing gray, instead of yellow. So we had to spray paint it some more!

On the brighter note… I bought a Cricut Create yesterday!! Papercraftingpro.com was having a fantastic sale for only $90! I’ve been holding out for the Cricut Personal Machine to go on sale for $50 but I thought the Create would be better. Also bought 2 more cartridges – Wall D├ęcor & More and Mini Monsters!! And the “Just for Men” stamp set from Pink by Design. I got an e-mail that said FREE SHIPPING! And I jumped right on it! What did I tell you? I’m a sucker for free shipping!

Stamp: $1 Rubber Stamp
Punch: EK Success Punch Corner Rounder- Small & Large
Other: White Gel Pen, Star Brad, Button, Tim Holtz Distress Ink

I actually made the pin wheel myself with my Scorpal and paper trimmer. I couldn’t find any of my double sided paper so I glued 2 cardstocks together. I sewed the button on the paper. As long as whoever receives this card isn’t too rough with it… the buttons should stay on.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

sending congrats your way!

Good morning everyone! My Cricut is still healing… we painted the last button on Sunday. I’m hoping to bring it home tomorrow night! I didn’t let my Cuttlebug fully heal so it has a lot of dings and paint chips!! I was so sad I wanted to go buy another Cuttlebug! I’m super paranoid that the same thing will happen to my Cricut so every time we painted one thing I would let it dry for like 2-3 days before touching it!

Sally sent me some pictures from the dog party!

Jimmy to the left and I’m holding Rocky.. Wendy & Rony’s dog. My rent-a-dog. Just like I only like rent-a-kids. Give ‘em back when I’m done! Hahah

Want to know why I'm wearing a Dodger t-shirt? Well, I was wearing a cardigan with a white cami... and then I spilled red wine on my white cami. So Wendy let me borrow one of her white camis so I can wash the red wine out of mine. Then while I was washing the red wine out... I spilled water all over Wendy's white cami! So then I gave up and just asked her for a t-shirt!

Here’s another one of my non Cricut card!

Stamp: $1 Rubber Stamps
Punch: EK Success Punch Corner Rounder- Small, EK Success 2" Scalloped Circle Punch
Other: White Gel Pen, Black Sharpie Marker, Ribbon & Button, Tim Holtz Distress Ink

I was too excited to use my buttons! Oh yeah I guess because the E2 came out… a lot of the older machines are on sale. I saw a Cricut Create for only $90. I think I want to get one! so that way I have something to do at Mike’s house when I’m there.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Cupcakes, Ribbons, Tulles, & Buttons

Good morning everybody! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I baked 96 cupcakes on Friday/Saturday. I baked Friday night and frosted them Saturday. I’m still learning how to frost cupcakes by piping. I thought I did good. Here are a couple of pictures of the cupcakes.

I put them in my awesome cupcake carriers that Wendy and Nye got for me!

Then Aeron sent me a couple of pictures from the party. They look even better with the cupcake toppers on them! I wish I had the Toy Story Cartridge to make some cupcake toppers.

No pictures from the dog party yet. lol. Sally has to upload them and I will share them with you.

Yesterday afternoon, I had the sudden urge to go buy buttons and ribbons after seeing them on the Papertrey Ink website. But I could not get myself to spend $6 on a jar of buttons plus for shipping! So Mike and I headed off to Downtown L.A to the Fashion District. It turned out to be a nice afternoon even though it had been gloomy all morning. We ate sorts of street vendor food. So unsanitary but so good!!! We had some mangoes with chili and lime. I call them dirty mangoes. Then we had some really delicious churros for only $1!!

We went to my favorite ribbons store -- PICS on Maple St. I’ve been going there since I was like 15! I used to make corsages and boutonnieres for dances in High School.

Got these 3 rolls. Each roll is 25 yards. And they were $3 each. It will last me awhile.

Then got these glitter tulles for only $1.99 each. I was so excited! I’m planning on making bows with them.

Of course the main thing I wanted was buttons. But a lot of the stores that sold fabrics were expensive. Then I thought it’s DTLA…they had to have it for cheaper! Then we found this store on 8th Street.

Each bag was only $0.99!! So I got 5. I can use some of the bigger buttons for my upcoming sewing projects!

Didn’t I tell you I’m a supply collector?

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