Friday, June 3, 2011

Walk Down Memory Lane!

Hehe 2nd post of the day! I was looking through some pictures and I know not a lot of people can say this… but I’m still friends with my friends from middle school and high school!
Here is a walk down memory lane! I found a couple of old pictures from when I was in high school. I know I haven’t aged a day… just gained like 30 lbs or so!

Some oldies but goodies

This picture is from my JUNIOR year of high school. This was our Thanksgiving Dinner at Sally’s house.

Me and Helen at prom.

the very last high school dance

my last day of high school. I was actually given a bouquet of roses too… I’m trying to remember what I did with mine. Lol.

me and Wendy on graduation day! Class of 2004! My 10 year reunion is coming up fast!

I hardly get to see my friends now but they really are great and I'm glad I've been friends with them for so long! Thanks for reminiscing with me!

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