Thursday, June 16, 2011


Good morning everybody! I don’t have a real project today because last night I was out eating dinner with my friends and didn’t get home until past 10. Wendy and Sally started a “Restaurant of the Month” tradition last year. They pick a restaurant that no one has ever been to. Recently, I started joining them. Last night, we had really good Thai food. It was good catching up with everyone too.

Last night, the dinner wasn’t until 8 and I got off work at 5. So Mike and I were trying to kill time before the dinner. Of course we went to Michaels… nothing on sale there! They were calling it their "Annual Stock Up Sale"… I don’t think there was anything they had that I wanted to stock up on. Then we went to the 99 Cent Only Store nearby… GUESS WHAT I FOUND?! FOAM DOTS!!!

I’ve been looking for these at pretty much every single 99 Cent Only Store for the past 6 months! I had bought some there before Christmas and I couldn’t find them any more after that. I pretty much bought everything they had! They’re only a $1 and you get a lot for it. SOOOO much cheaper than buying glue dots at Michaels/Joann’s. If you have a 99 Cent Only Store near you, I highly recommend that you check them in your local stores. They're great for adding dimension to your cards/scrapbook pages.

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