Thursday, June 2, 2011

quick peak at my craft space

Hello everybody! Helen emailed me to remind me that I haven’t updated my blog today yet. LOL so here it is!

Like I said in my last post that Mike was helping me put up some new rails and shelves.

Here’s my mess of a room! I swear it’s not that messy all the time.. *wink wink* just a lot of stuff!

Mike working on my shelves. He is the best!

The mess on the floor.

The mess on the bed 

Here’s where a lot of supplies resides! The very top shelf has my embellishments and pails I can put vinyl on. The top shelf has my papers. Not all of it… most of the ones I want to use. The rest are in a box in the sun room. The 2nd shelf has my stamps, ink pads, cuttlebug folders, fancy scissors, blank cards and envelops. 3rd rack is random junk – ribbons I didn’t put on my ribbon reel, modpodge, Cricut Tool kit, Scorpal, paper trimmer. 4th shelf has 2 drawers that I got from CVS for only $5 each! It has tapes, paint brushes, and more random stuff. The very bottom shelf has a lot of stuff that I bought randomly that I want to alter. So if I need a last minute handmade gift, I go in the there. My DVD rack is mixed in with my craft stuff since that’s the only space I have. But I plan on moving that to the closet behind my clothes.

This is what it looks like after all the rails and shelves have been put up. I LOOVEE my ribbon storage. I reeled them by color. I don’t have that many punches. I really pick and choose which ones I buy. The basket that’s hanging has buttons, embossing powders and glitter glue. The black cups has scissors, pens, glue dots.


Here’s where my cricut and gypsy lives! And where I do most of my crafting. To the left is where I keep my scraps. The top clear box is my paper scraps and the bottom clear box is my vinyl scraps. My paper scrap box is getting fuller and fuller!!
Everything is a bit of a mess in my room. I have SOOO much stuff in there. That’s just one corner of my room. The other side my clothes and shoes and other junk! Hopefully everything will be better when my craft room is built!! My mom just told me they’ll be refinancing the house so there will be an appraiser coming to look at the house! so within the next couple of weeks… I’ll have to get a lot of my stuff out of my room and put it in the garage so it doesn’t look small!

I had a card that I made last night. But I left it on the Cricut table because I left in a rush… I was 10 minutes late to work! I am always on time. I was taught that if you’re early – you’re on time. If you’re on time – you’re late. If you’re late – don’t even bother showing up at all. Last week my boss was about to send out a search team because it was 8 a.m. and I wasn’t at my desk yet! She thought something was wrong!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by and I hope I have inspired some of my readers who have small craft spaces! Have a wonderful day everyone!!

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