Thursday, October 29, 2009

glass etching!

for so long I've been wanting to learn how to glass etch! I wasn't sure how to exactly do it with the vinyl. I was confused with the whole transfer tape things. so even though I bought a roll of vinyl ($10 for a roll!) I never got around to doing it. lately I've been reading a lot on cricut MB how to do it. I read that people use contact paper instead of vinyl. but I still wasn't sure what contact paper was or how to use it.... then i had a revelation! lol. i was thinking the linings you use inside your kitchen cabinet drawers, they're self-adhesive and I can cut a stencil out of it! so today at lunch, I went to 99cent only store with Nye and Mia and bought two rolls. and guess what! It's called, self-adhesive vinyl... and on the back of the paper, it says contact paper. haha

here's one of the rolls I bought, doesn't what it looks like because you're just using it as a stencil. You just peel it off after.

so I bought a wine glass for Mia, obviously. It's a lil bit harder to do it on surfaces that are round. because the vinyl is hard to get it around the glass.

here is the finish product!

a closer version. I just cut her name out with Storybook.

then I wanted to try something else, so I etched my mirror that I carry in my make up bag. It looks a lil bit off because I didn't use as much armor etch as I should have. but it gives it that lil vintage look.

I'm so excited of all these things I'm learning. such good ideas for Christmas presents!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

freezer paper onesies

here's what I've been up to all day! I brought my cricut to Mike's house(he was super excited, cuz he gets to play his xbox)

these were made for Nye's lil cousin. i love the "absolutely not mom" one because she always says "absolutely not!" haha

this is for for my co-worker Ricky's granddaughter. he loves the Lakers so I made some Laker ones. I love the ones with the booties! came out super cute!

this is for my co-worker Ian's niece. I have no idea what some of the shirts mean but I just put whatever they ask me to put. lol.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

my clothing line in action

me, mia, and nye in the freezer paper t's I made for breast cancer awareness month

Thursday, October 22, 2009

the coolest thing since slice bread... freezer paper t's!

Boy I’ve been busy the last couple of days! I've discovered the coolest thing since slice bread! lol. Since I’ve been reading the cricut MB a lot lately, I’ve been learning a lot from those ladies there. I've read so much about how people did freezer paper t shirts. SO! The good old youtube showed me how it was done. I went searching for freezer paper and finally found it at Wal-Mart and bought some fabric paint at Michaels. ANDDD here are some of my “clothing line” (lol according to my co-workers)

My first freezer t shirt! The lady on the video says, if it’s my first time I should try it with something simple. So I just used one of my old shirts and just put a heart.

This one is for the twilighters! I had actually seen this on someone’s car. They had a vinyl decal. I thought it was really cool that it just looks simple, but if you read/watch the twilight saga you’d know what it means. But ummm doing the painting on ribbed tank tops…. Not such a good idea! Because as you can tell it’s kinda messed up! But I just wear it at home.

a baby onesie for Nye’s lil cousin. She calls him “fat-fat”

Mickey mouse t shirt!

This is for my boo gee teammate Robert for his birthday. It’s no $300 dolce & gabbana shirt (he spent $300 on a vintage batman t-shirt from dolce & gabbana. RIDICULOUS!) I told him the shirt I made was no dolce & gabbana but he had to wear it.

October is breast cancer awareness month, so I made some shirts for me, Nye and Mia to wear.

On the back of shirts, I put our last names with some stars.

One of my co-worker’s birthday is coming up and they paid me to do some t-shirts for them! Made with storybook, I thought it was ridiculously cute!

She’s turning 22 so I put that in the back.

“partner in crime” is for the birthday girl’s best friend. They absolutely loved it!

I love the freezer paper t’s! I’m going to do it on canvas bags too and gave away as Christmas presents. ALSO! They have a small recreational flag football team at work. And my bosses play on the team and they said they would pay me to do their team’s t-shirt. I’m very excited for this challenge! I want to try crazier designs. I’m not that pro yet but the more shirts I make, the more I’m learning.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

halloween gifts

my bffs at work, nye & mia, recently went to the east coast. they brought back a lot of souvenirs for me from 5 different states! so i thought i'd make them some thank you gifts, along to go with the halloween theme. i went to dollar tree/99 cent only stores to get some halloween decos. i also bought a cheap photo album but i altered it and put "friends" on it. lots of candy of course.



this has nothing to do with the halloween theme, but i've been reading on the cricut mb about people doing monograms with tile pieces(i went to home depot to get some 4x4 tiles and they looked at me like i was crazy) but i couldn't' find any so i thought i'd try with some paint canvas i already had. painted it with acrylic paint, two shades of blue, and then i used my cricut to cut out some letters on black paper. then used the sparkle mod podge to seal it. personally, i'm not liking the sparkle mod podge... i like the matte one better. i think i'm going to try the glossy one next

nye, i didn't like this one as much because the "y" made it look uneven.

mia, this one turned out much better!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

10 year old with a wish

I am reaching out to all of you regarding a simple, but rewarding cause. Danielle Bartlett, a 10 year old girl from Richwood, West Virginia, is enduring a very critical stage of cancer. Although she could have wished for anything, her one wish was to receive 1,000 get well cards. This is something small that would mean the world to this little girl. If any of you are interested in contributing, please make a card and mail it to the address below.

Danielle Bartlett
260 Country Club Road
Richwood, West Virginia 26261

Monday, October 12, 2009

LAMINATED bookmarks!

i read lot of blogs and i always read about women writing about their husbands and how lot of them support their crazy cricut hobbies. WELL! i'm not married but i do have a wonderful boyfriend who does support my crazy cricut hobby too. he even takes an intrest in it and listen to me talk about it ANDDDD he bought me a YOURSTORY hehe and george and basic shapes cartridge (since i have the expression i didn't have the george cartridge) i was talking about how badly i wanted the george cartridge and since it was such a rare one, i didn't want to buy it for such an expensive price BUT he went and got it for me(even did his research on ebay). AND i'm hoping the gypsy on his christmas list for me... hehehe ANYWAY...

so with the flashcards i bought, i made some bookmarks by covering it with some pretty papers. a couple of months ago my co-worker cecilia got me the tinkerbell and friends cartridge and i never got to thank her officially for it! and since she reads(big twilight fan like me!) so i thought i'd make her some bookmarks with the tinkerbell and friends cartridge.



"a little sparkle"

this one isn't exactly with the tinkerbell and friends cartridge but i thought she should have one with her name on it

this one is for me! i started reading vampire diaries since i'm watching the tv show.... book is slow not as exciting as the tv show!

anyway all the bookmarks were laminated with the yourstory mike got for me! turned out pretty good! thanks baby you're the best!

altering flashcards

so today is columbus day and i had the day off. i wasn't as productive as i wanted to be. i wasted it most of my day. i ate brunch at 1oish and went back to sleep at 11:30! i didn't wake up until 2 and finally got to my playing time...

i subscribe to paper crafts magazine and i always love reading the technique sections, because they always have some new ideas to alter something. i read an article where they were altering some playing cards. so i was at the dollar store and i saw some flashcards for children. i thought "hey i can alter that!" so i bought one box of flash cards for $1! i dont know exactly how many? but there was a lot.

the box of flashcards i bought and a couple of them out.

but i covered up the flashcards! i made a mini scrapbook for my co-worker hilda's son daniel! she gave me a couple of pictures of him when he was younger.

dad and son at the hospital; daniel and his older brother

baby's 1st christmas with daddy and uncles; a couple of pictures of daniel

i thought this picture was the cutest! look at danny has his arms around his lil buddy!; danny's 1st birthday

la familia at the park; with grandma

Saturday, October 10, 2009

paper steals!

so i took my mom to ross today (she doesnt like to drive) and the last time i was at ross, i found a 200 pack scrapbook papers for only $7.99! who knew ross sold stuff like that?!

anyway when i went to ross today they had...!

its a 5"X7" mini scrapbook kit for only $2.99!

and a 36 page scrapbook paper pack for only $3.99! i was so excited. idk if it's only at certain rosses or at everyone, but go ross!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

simple cards

cards i made a couple of mos ago. i had disney mickey and friends cartridge for so long, but i finally used it. i must say i was impressed! it came out very cute. the only thing was, the smaller pieces were such a hassle. it was crazy to put together.

for my oh so wonderful boyfriend! hehe i gave it to him with a bag of peanuts.

made this for someone nye was dating.

tiffany's birthday

my cricut buddy at work, tiffany, her birthday is today! but we had celebration thing for her yesterday

her desk, princess and the frog theme. it was very cute and different.

made a balloon colum

more kool water bottle tags

some signs made with storybook cartridge.

to go with the fairy tale theme.

chocolate drilzzled pretzels!