Thursday, October 22, 2009

the coolest thing since slice bread... freezer paper t's!

Boy I’ve been busy the last couple of days! I've discovered the coolest thing since slice bread! lol. Since I’ve been reading the cricut MB a lot lately, I’ve been learning a lot from those ladies there. I've read so much about how people did freezer paper t shirts. SO! The good old youtube showed me how it was done. I went searching for freezer paper and finally found it at Wal-Mart and bought some fabric paint at Michaels. ANDDD here are some of my “clothing line” (lol according to my co-workers)

My first freezer t shirt! The lady on the video says, if it’s my first time I should try it with something simple. So I just used one of my old shirts and just put a heart.

This one is for the twilighters! I had actually seen this on someone’s car. They had a vinyl decal. I thought it was really cool that it just looks simple, but if you read/watch the twilight saga you’d know what it means. But ummm doing the painting on ribbed tank tops…. Not such a good idea! Because as you can tell it’s kinda messed up! But I just wear it at home.

a baby onesie for Nye’s lil cousin. She calls him “fat-fat”

Mickey mouse t shirt!

This is for my boo gee teammate Robert for his birthday. It’s no $300 dolce & gabbana shirt (he spent $300 on a vintage batman t-shirt from dolce & gabbana. RIDICULOUS!) I told him the shirt I made was no dolce & gabbana but he had to wear it.

October is breast cancer awareness month, so I made some shirts for me, Nye and Mia to wear.

On the back of shirts, I put our last names with some stars.

One of my co-worker’s birthday is coming up and they paid me to do some t-shirts for them! Made with storybook, I thought it was ridiculously cute!

She’s turning 22 so I put that in the back.

“partner in crime” is for the birthday girl’s best friend. They absolutely loved it!

I love the freezer paper t’s! I’m going to do it on canvas bags too and gave away as Christmas presents. ALSO! They have a small recreational flag football team at work. And my bosses play on the team and they said they would pay me to do their team’s t-shirt. I’m very excited for this challenge! I want to try crazier designs. I’m not that pro yet but the more shirts I make, the more I’m learning.

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  1. Cynthia - You are extremely creative!! Thank you for the "I Heart Mommy" Onesie for Makena!

    -Karen (Mike's Co-Worker)