Sunday, October 18, 2009

halloween gifts

my bffs at work, nye & mia, recently went to the east coast. they brought back a lot of souvenirs for me from 5 different states! so i thought i'd make them some thank you gifts, along to go with the halloween theme. i went to dollar tree/99 cent only stores to get some halloween decos. i also bought a cheap photo album but i altered it and put "friends" on it. lots of candy of course.



this has nothing to do with the halloween theme, but i've been reading on the cricut mb about people doing monograms with tile pieces(i went to home depot to get some 4x4 tiles and they looked at me like i was crazy) but i couldn't' find any so i thought i'd try with some paint canvas i already had. painted it with acrylic paint, two shades of blue, and then i used my cricut to cut out some letters on black paper. then used the sparkle mod podge to seal it. personally, i'm not liking the sparkle mod podge... i like the matte one better. i think i'm going to try the glossy one next

nye, i didn't like this one as much because the "y" made it look uneven.

mia, this one turned out much better!

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