Monday, October 12, 2009

LAMINATED bookmarks!

i read lot of blogs and i always read about women writing about their husbands and how lot of them support their crazy cricut hobbies. WELL! i'm not married but i do have a wonderful boyfriend who does support my crazy cricut hobby too. he even takes an intrest in it and listen to me talk about it ANDDDD he bought me a YOURSTORY hehe and george and basic shapes cartridge (since i have the expression i didn't have the george cartridge) i was talking about how badly i wanted the george cartridge and since it was such a rare one, i didn't want to buy it for such an expensive price BUT he went and got it for me(even did his research on ebay). AND i'm hoping the gypsy on his christmas list for me... hehehe ANYWAY...

so with the flashcards i bought, i made some bookmarks by covering it with some pretty papers. a couple of months ago my co-worker cecilia got me the tinkerbell and friends cartridge and i never got to thank her officially for it! and since she reads(big twilight fan like me!) so i thought i'd make her some bookmarks with the tinkerbell and friends cartridge.



"a little sparkle"

this one isn't exactly with the tinkerbell and friends cartridge but i thought she should have one with her name on it

this one is for me! i started reading vampire diaries since i'm watching the tv show.... book is slow not as exciting as the tv show!

anyway all the bookmarks were laminated with the yourstory mike got for me! turned out pretty good! thanks baby you're the best!

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