Tuesday, June 30, 2009

altered projects

yesterday i was at walmart and that place has EVERYTHING. in my friend rony's word "they even sell target!"

right now everyone is going green and using the recycable bags. so walmart sells theirs for only $1! and they had a black oneeee. so i bought it!
this is how the bag looks like.
but i altered it by covering with felt letters(oh btw! the cricut does not cut felt! i was absolutely sad! maybe with a deep cut blade?) i cut the letters with the circut on paper and then stapled it to felt to cut around it and used a hot glue gun to glue to.
i made this for my co-workers daugther...

another cheap thing at walmart, they have their summer items with the colorful plates and cups and all kinds of other stuff. their cups were on sale... a pack of 4 for $1! i bought 2 packs and made pen cups for my co-workers. a ribbon and some letters cut out with my DON JUAN cartridge, of course!

bruno's last day

so today is bruno's last day...!

we decorated his desk a carnival theme... since he's from brazil. nye did such a good job. i helped with the balloon arch.
hehe i invested in a $8 bag sealer! use a 20% of coupon at bed, bath, and beyond.

using the eurosealer... i made him a brownie goodie bag. it says "happy birthday" on the top, "congratulations" on the bottom and "good bye" in the middle.
i put it in a gift basket.
this is the top.

Friday, June 26, 2009

supplies tub & cake box decor

so my friend nye(desk roommate haha) at work decorate a lot of people's desk for their birthdays. the steamers, balloons, and ribbons were taking up one of her drawers. so she said she needed something put all that away so her drawer can be free. so i got her a tub from ikea and use DON JUAN to cut out cardstock to stick it on there. i just put "supplies" in case she needed to use it for something else.

it's someone's birthday at work and nye had asked me if i can make something for her. normally i make cupcakes but that takes too much effort and i was working way too much over time to be doing that. so i said i'd make something that takes me the least time... chocolate dipped strawberries!

i got a cake box and decorated with strawberry cutouts from my indie art cartridge...! i think that's the first time i used it. i even used layers and shadows.... i'm getting better with my cricut!

these are actually white chocolate dipped strawberries. but they had red candy melts! the theme is strawberry shortcake so we thought it would be cute to do red. but the flavor is really vanilla like white chocolate!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

frame for bruno

i'm so excited that i got the new don juan cartridge! i absoutely love the fat bubbly letters! i bought it from someone on ebay for $30. it was missing the booklet but it was ok because i never read it anyway...!

so from my previous entry... my old boss/friend is leaving california and going back to new jersey. we got into a lot of arguments the past couple of months BUT i defintely didn't want him to leave on bad terms. even my mom told me not to be mad at him any more. and i haven't been since the 4th of june. lol.

anyway i made this frame for him so he can put it on his new desk in jersey! used the don juan cartridge and cuttle bug to emboss the letters and the background. the pictures... i cut it by hand with those pretty scissors.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

wedding day "survival kit"

my friend/old boss bruno is getting married in august and not only is he getting married...! he's leaving california and moving back to jersey!

i made his fiance chrissy or christina a wedding day survial kit or essentials! i used a paint can from home depot and covered it pretty with cardstock and ribbons.

top of the can

front of the can

back of the can... kinda like a corset!

all the stuff that goes inside it! including hairspray, shout wipes, floss, and first aid kit!

everything inside the can

a closer view!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

ribbon goodie bag

hehe so another present made for my scrapping buddy tiffany. it's a ribbon goodie bag =)

Friday, June 12, 2009

graduation present

hehe so i also got thao this clear plastic pail. and i decorated. i put a little card in it with our pictures..

the whole pail

the card inside

with the photo cube inside

alt view

puzzle piece photo cube

my friend thao's graduation is today. i have been friends with her for a long timeee. we have our ups and downs but i love her! i bought the puzzle piece photo cube from oriental trading. it's six puzzle pieces put together into a cube. and i added the pictures =)

hehe dinner in SD like 4 years ago.

omg 8th grade six flags trip

her birthday like 5 years ago.

thanksgiving like 2 years ago at DV8
we've been friends for over 10 years...

cupcake toppers with the cupcakes

so today we're celebrating ryan and mia's birthday! and last night i made cupcakes for them.
red velvet cupcakes with lil ryan heads! lol i loved it because he had the best reaction! he almost cried. it made it worth it for me to do it! =)
these are for mia. vanilla cupcakes and bailey's creme frosting. hehe she loved her music theme!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

cupcake toppers

two of my co-workers bdays are coming up! i normally bake cupcakes for birthdays and i just use sprinkles on top. BUT i've been reading some blogs and i saw some cute ideas for cupcake toppers and i had some ideas of my own.

for mia it's going to be a music theme. so i printed out a music note from online (cuz the cricut cartidges i have don't have a music note) and i just cut it... BY HAND. omg been so spoiled with the cricut. but yeah. i just put two pieces of paper with a toothpick in the middle and i glued it together using a glue gun..

the pieces seperate

and the finish results!

hehe here's some for ryan! lol he's turning 30 and we thought it would be funny to do this with his picture. i went on his myspace... stole a picture and then put a party hat on it. and added the 30! all with paint. haha we don't have photoshop at work.

hehehe each individual one

i finished all the cupcake toppers! and i will put another post probably on friday with it on top of the cupcakes. i will make ryan red velvet cupcakes cuz those are his favorites.
for mia i will make cupcakes... haven't figured out what kind... probably like vanilla. but will be using the bailey's creme frosting that my friend jenn read off someone's blog. lol. i would like to give that person credit for it... but i don't have the link.

Monday, June 8, 2009

wrapped bottles

this is a bottle of hennessy that i bought for a friend of mine for his bday. and i wrapped it celephone and tied a bow around it and added a tag. i figured it was better than giving the bottle by itself. and kc liked it =)

Friday, June 5, 2009

my project idea books

my co-worker tiffany owns a cricut and she does all these scrapbook/cards/crafts stuff too. we always share similar intrests and that's why i love her.

anyway we always talk about all kinds of projects we want to do but we never actually end up doing it. lol. but we decided we want to actually put our ideas in a folder. so that way when we want to do a project, the ideas will already be there.

i made her a folder. i used a normal 3 ring 1" folder that you'd use for school. and i covered it with pillow stuffing and fabric and used a glue gun to glue everything together. then i used felt to do the lettering. didn't use my circut. just printed it from the computer and then cut it by hand. not sure if the cricut cuts felt. too skurred to try. haha here's the result!

up close!

this is the inside. i covered that as well. so it'll look nice.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

white chocolate dipped strawberries

hehe so since i've been reading other people's blogs about their projects. i wanted to do a goodie bag. i made chocolate dipped strawberries. bought little goodie bags from michaels and made tags to tie them...

used my jasmine catridge to cut out diamond tags.

a basket full of goodies!

here is what each little goodie bag looks like.

hehehe. my-coworker cecilia is so sweeett! she sent me this email after she got her goodie bag.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

co-workers projects

so my teammate hilda is preggers and due in september. we want to throw her a baby shower. it's a boy! but instead of the typical blue theme, her fav. color is green. so we want to do greeen. i ordered my new arrival cartridge and i havent played with it. so i made a tentitive baby shower invite.

the front....

the inside...

hehe these are suppose to be christmas presents for my bestest co-workers but i never got around to it until nowww. i bought some fleece throws from walmart. and i cut out some letters with felt. and my mom helped me stich it with her sewing machine.

for nye...

for lajuana...

and for tiffany...

cheap but personalized gifts

nye is advertising for me at work. $15 each blanket. lol.