Friday, June 26, 2009

supplies tub & cake box decor

so my friend nye(desk roommate haha) at work decorate a lot of people's desk for their birthdays. the steamers, balloons, and ribbons were taking up one of her drawers. so she said she needed something put all that away so her drawer can be free. so i got her a tub from ikea and use DON JUAN to cut out cardstock to stick it on there. i just put "supplies" in case she needed to use it for something else.

it's someone's birthday at work and nye had asked me if i can make something for her. normally i make cupcakes but that takes too much effort and i was working way too much over time to be doing that. so i said i'd make something that takes me the least time... chocolate dipped strawberries!

i got a cake box and decorated with strawberry cutouts from my indie art cartridge...! i think that's the first time i used it. i even used layers and shadows.... i'm getting better with my cricut!

these are actually white chocolate dipped strawberries. but they had red candy melts! the theme is strawberry shortcake so we thought it would be cute to do red. but the flavor is really vanilla like white chocolate!

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