Tuesday, June 30, 2009

altered projects

yesterday i was at walmart and that place has EVERYTHING. in my friend rony's word "they even sell target!"

right now everyone is going green and using the recycable bags. so walmart sells theirs for only $1! and they had a black oneeee. so i bought it!
this is how the bag looks like.
but i altered it by covering with felt letters(oh btw! the cricut does not cut felt! i was absolutely sad! maybe with a deep cut blade?) i cut the letters with the circut on paper and then stapled it to felt to cut around it and used a hot glue gun to glue to.
i made this for my co-workers daugther...

another cheap thing at walmart, they have their summer items with the colorful plates and cups and all kinds of other stuff. their cups were on sale... a pack of 4 for $1! i bought 2 packs and made pen cups for my co-workers. a ribbon and some letters cut out with my DON JUAN cartridge, of course!

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