Friday, June 5, 2009

my project idea books

my co-worker tiffany owns a cricut and she does all these scrapbook/cards/crafts stuff too. we always share similar intrests and that's why i love her.

anyway we always talk about all kinds of projects we want to do but we never actually end up doing it. lol. but we decided we want to actually put our ideas in a folder. so that way when we want to do a project, the ideas will already be there.

i made her a folder. i used a normal 3 ring 1" folder that you'd use for school. and i covered it with pillow stuffing and fabric and used a glue gun to glue everything together. then i used felt to do the lettering. didn't use my circut. just printed it from the computer and then cut it by hand. not sure if the cricut cuts felt. too skurred to try. haha here's the result!

up close!

this is the inside. i covered that as well. so it'll look nice.

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