Thursday, June 25, 2009

frame for bruno

i'm so excited that i got the new don juan cartridge! i absoutely love the fat bubbly letters! i bought it from someone on ebay for $30. it was missing the booklet but it was ok because i never read it anyway...!

so from my previous entry... my old boss/friend is leaving california and going back to new jersey. we got into a lot of arguments the past couple of months BUT i defintely didn't want him to leave on bad terms. even my mom told me not to be mad at him any more. and i haven't been since the 4th of june. lol.

anyway i made this frame for him so he can put it on his new desk in jersey! used the don juan cartridge and cuttle bug to emboss the letters and the background. the pictures... i cut it by hand with those pretty scissors.

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