Tuesday, June 9, 2009

cupcake toppers

two of my co-workers bdays are coming up! i normally bake cupcakes for birthdays and i just use sprinkles on top. BUT i've been reading some blogs and i saw some cute ideas for cupcake toppers and i had some ideas of my own.

for mia it's going to be a music theme. so i printed out a music note from online (cuz the cricut cartidges i have don't have a music note) and i just cut it... BY HAND. omg been so spoiled with the cricut. but yeah. i just put two pieces of paper with a toothpick in the middle and i glued it together using a glue gun..

the pieces seperate

and the finish results!

hehe here's some for ryan! lol he's turning 30 and we thought it would be funny to do this with his picture. i went on his myspace... stole a picture and then put a party hat on it. and added the 30! all with paint. haha we don't have photoshop at work.

hehehe each individual one

i finished all the cupcake toppers! and i will put another post probably on friday with it on top of the cupcakes. i will make ryan red velvet cupcakes cuz those are his favorites.
for mia i will make cupcakes... haven't figured out what kind... probably like vanilla. but will be using the bailey's creme frosting that my friend jenn read off someone's blog. lol. i would like to give that person credit for it... but i don't have the link.

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