Thursday, October 8, 2009

hildas baby shower

Hilda's Baby Shower was on July 28! She had her baby boy Nathaniel on September 15. My friend Cecilia and i planned this shower for like 3 mos. we were all teammates for about 7 mos until our team got "dismantled" lol but! here are all these pictures from her beautiful shower.

i made invitations for almost every single girl in our dept. made with new arrival catridge and embossed with swiss dots. the theme was sweet pea. she loves green, it was nice to incorporate that in.

hilda desk beautifully decoarted by nye with our signature balloon arch.

the closest empty manager desk decorated to put presents, food, drinks, prizes, and etc.

cecilia cut baby footprints leading from hildas desk to the manager's cubicle.

cecilia's signature of putting together two plates using tissue to make it pretty.

hildas first present of the day! i bought the photo album and put baby nathaniels name on it.

the details on the steamers, peas!

it's a boy!

"welcome baby nathan"

more water bottles with cool aids!

hehe with peas!

the prizes we gave away for people who pariticipated in the shower games.

it has like the necessary for our desks, like antibacterial wipes, pens, post its, air freshner, snacks, and stuff like that.

i bought some green cups and put forks on it. haha

i made chocolate dipped pretzels

individually wrapped

cesi made marshmellows dipped in coconut shavings, it was so cute.

and cesi made some REALLY cute cupcakes! with blue frosting and i thought she did a real good job drawing the peas!

all the presents hilda got!

the three off us

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  1. You put my Baby Showers to shame!!! =( Darn, ur creative!!!