Thursday, October 29, 2009

glass etching!

for so long I've been wanting to learn how to glass etch! I wasn't sure how to exactly do it with the vinyl. I was confused with the whole transfer tape things. so even though I bought a roll of vinyl ($10 for a roll!) I never got around to doing it. lately I've been reading a lot on cricut MB how to do it. I read that people use contact paper instead of vinyl. but I still wasn't sure what contact paper was or how to use it.... then i had a revelation! lol. i was thinking the linings you use inside your kitchen cabinet drawers, they're self-adhesive and I can cut a stencil out of it! so today at lunch, I went to 99cent only store with Nye and Mia and bought two rolls. and guess what! It's called, self-adhesive vinyl... and on the back of the paper, it says contact paper. haha

here's one of the rolls I bought, doesn't what it looks like because you're just using it as a stencil. You just peel it off after.

so I bought a wine glass for Mia, obviously. It's a lil bit harder to do it on surfaces that are round. because the vinyl is hard to get it around the glass.

here is the finish product!

a closer version. I just cut her name out with Storybook.

then I wanted to try something else, so I etched my mirror that I carry in my make up bag. It looks a lil bit off because I didn't use as much armor etch as I should have. but it gives it that lil vintage look.

I'm so excited of all these things I'm learning. such good ideas for Christmas presents!

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