Thursday, October 8, 2009

nye's birthday

my very best friend at work nye turned 25! we're the "birthday divas" at work. lol we decorate all crazy and go all out. we're always coming out with new and better ideas to top everyone else. it's defintely a comeptition!

nye's desk, my little pony theme. i did a pretty good job decorating. lol. with our little signature balloon arch.

a basket full of brownies that i made and our favorite rockstars, fruit puncH!

we set up on next to some empty desks near us.

nye looking cute with the money lei i made for her.

i had read this one someone's blog, i believe it's okielady or something like that? it's made with tags, bags, boxes and more. it's a door hanger but mirrored and glued together to make a pocket. with kool aid pockets. this took me forever though, i even put mike to work!

brownies with powdered sugar, indiviually packaged. i'm loving my euro sealer!

her birthday was an absoutely success! we put a lot of work into it

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