Friday, June 17, 2011

Super easy cupcake picks

Happy Friday everybody! I’m super excited because I’m getting off work at 2:30 today!! Thank you fathers!

My left hand has been hurting since yesterday and it hasn’t stop. Right now it is killing me as I’m typing. I’ve used Vics Vapor Rub and some icy hot patches but the pain hasn’t gone away! It looks swollen! I type all day at work and then when I get home I’m still working with my hands (i.e. crafting and baking). A couple of weeks ago it was my right hand. So my boss got me some gel pads to support my wrists. And it is so much more comfortable now! I guess better my left hand than my right! I’m right-handed so I wouldn’t be able to do anything if my right hand was hurting!

I have a simple cupcake pick that I made last night to share with you. I bought some mini cupcake pans and I’ve been dying to make mini cupcakes. So last night I made them.

I stamped my personalized stamp that I got couple of months ago and just used a 2” scalloped punch to punch it out. I only made 10 of them... just so people can know I made them without me having to send out an email!

Hehe I feel like my voice is being heard… sort of! I said if people gave free shipping on their stuff, I’m more likely to buy it… and Scrappy Mom’s Stamps is offering free shipping until June 30! Of course I jumped right on it!! SEE sucker for free shipping!

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!

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