Monday, June 13, 2011

Cupcakes, Ribbons, Tulles, & Buttons

Good morning everybody! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

I baked 96 cupcakes on Friday/Saturday. I baked Friday night and frosted them Saturday. I’m still learning how to frost cupcakes by piping. I thought I did good. Here are a couple of pictures of the cupcakes.

I put them in my awesome cupcake carriers that Wendy and Nye got for me!

Then Aeron sent me a couple of pictures from the party. They look even better with the cupcake toppers on them! I wish I had the Toy Story Cartridge to make some cupcake toppers.

No pictures from the dog party yet. lol. Sally has to upload them and I will share them with you.

Yesterday afternoon, I had the sudden urge to go buy buttons and ribbons after seeing them on the Papertrey Ink website. But I could not get myself to spend $6 on a jar of buttons plus for shipping! So Mike and I headed off to Downtown L.A to the Fashion District. It turned out to be a nice afternoon even though it had been gloomy all morning. We ate sorts of street vendor food. So unsanitary but so good!!! We had some mangoes with chili and lime. I call them dirty mangoes. Then we had some really delicious churros for only $1!!

We went to my favorite ribbons store -- PICS on Maple St. I’ve been going there since I was like 15! I used to make corsages and boutonnieres for dances in High School.

Got these 3 rolls. Each roll is 25 yards. And they were $3 each. It will last me awhile.

Then got these glitter tulles for only $1.99 each. I was so excited! I’m planning on making bows with them.

Of course the main thing I wanted was buttons. But a lot of the stores that sold fabrics were expensive. Then I thought it’s DTLA…they had to have it for cheaper! Then we found this store on 8th Street.

Each bag was only $0.99!! So I got 5. I can use some of the bigger buttons for my upcoming sewing projects!

Didn’t I tell you I’m a supply collector?

Thanks for stopping by!

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