Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Camping Trip Cut Short

Hello everybody!

Our camping trip was cut short when it started raining! We had originally planned on staying until Monday but we left the campsite by 10 am on Sunday. We even bought a fishing license for 2 days which we only got to use for about an hour!

Here’s our campsite and we were right next to the Kern River. Because it was Memorial Day Weekend, there were so many people!

While we were there, we went on a hike to a cave. The hike was suppose to be 2 1/2 miles each way. Let me tell you that it was not 2 1/2 miles! It felt like 5 miles each way. And 75% of the hike was incline! I thought about turning back so many times! I brought 3 bottles water in my camelbak backpack and I DRANK ALL OF THE WATER! So many other hikers told us we were almost there like SOOO many times

I'm glad I made it all the way to the top. The cave was pretty amazing though! It's crazy what people discover.

Since we came back early, Mike and I went to IKEA to buy some supplies to put up in my little craft space. He put most of the rails and shelves up yesterday. I will post pictures of that on Thursday! I bought some new punches from Joann’s and they should be arriving tomorrow. I want to add that before I take the pictures of the complete product!

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