Monday, May 23, 2011

party like a rockstar!

Hello everybody!

I am super duper tired. I had a fantastic weekend! Disneyland & California Adventure on Friday. World of Color is absolutely amazing. Eat your heart out water fountains at Bellagio Hotel!

Saturday was the celebration for Rony’s birthday. I felt like a celebrity! Got my nails done, hair done and got picked up in a limo. A Porsche Cayenne limo to be exact! It’s kind of funny how when I was getting my nails done, they asked me if I was going to PROM! Then when the limo came, there was no alcohol in the limo because they thought it was for a prom. We went to party in Hollywood. I haven’t actually partied like that in such a long time! I slept all day yesterday to catch up on my sleep!

Here are some G-Rated pictures from Saturday night! It was a blast.

Mike & I at the dinner 

Sally & I in the limo

Wendy & I and Mike trying to be in our picture… I cropped him out. lol

The girls at the night club

The most awesome people!!

Thank you so much to Wendy & Rony who invited us to celebrate Rony’s special day with them!

Thank YOU for reading about my rockstar life! *wink wink*

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