Sunday, December 20, 2009

christmas presents

so I've been very busy since new york! last weekend I was up in the mountain for some snowboarding.

here's a couple of pictures of me and boyfriend from new york

at central park literary walk

at rockefeller center

and snowboarding!

it really wasn't that bad. it snowed the night before we went.

me and couple of my bffs wendy and sally.

and NOW for the projects I've been working on. since they were all Christmas presents for my friends and they read my blog, I couldn't post what I've been working on. We finally had our secret santa exchange on Friday.

personalized hand sanitizer bottle. I just peeled the original label off and made my own.

up close one

monogram tiles. I got the tiles from Lowes and just used mod podge to seal it together. I got the display easels for 2 for $1 at dollar tree.

up close one. I used sparkly mod podge.

found these scarfs at the 99 cent store! I thought they were an awesome steal.

Personalized them using freezer paper method.

shot glasses etched. it says "h" and then a snowflake.

got these blankets at walmart. and used freezer paper method to personalize them. my friend Thao thought I puffy painted them. lol and my friend Mai said "we're not in high school any more!"

up close

this is made on a paint canvas. I painted pink and then used mod podge to seal the pictures on there. Lucky 8 instead of 7 because there was 8 of us and we played roulette with the number 8 and we won!

found these frames at IKEA for only $1! and etched these that said friends.

these are the presents my friends got.

this is a cookie jar I got for my secret santa sally! I baked some cookies and put them in there. I had her 2 years in a row.

anyway, thanks for looking! I actually have more projects I just made at home. I'll post later on this week!

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