Sunday, December 27, 2009

etched beer mugs

I found a bunch of these beer mugs at Dollar Tree. I thought they would made really awesome Chrismas gifts. I actually bought just 2 to give to my boyfriend and his bff, Rony. They always complain that the cups that my friend, Wendy(Rony's girlfriend) and I drink out of are too small.

I put "Mike's Man Cup" and on Rony's I put "Rony's Man Cup" they really liked it.

So after it was hit with them, I decided to make some for some of my male co-workers.

They liked it too.

This one is for my teammate Ricky, but this one was no $1 Dollar Tree mug. This one was $2.50 from IKEA! I acutally bought this before I went to Dollar Tree and I was too lazy to return it at IKEA.

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