Sunday, December 27, 2009

pictures on candles

I'm always lurking on Cricut MB for new ideas. haha but I am trying to be more active on it. Anyhow... kathymiller1 on Cricut MB did this and I thought I'd try it. Well the way I did it was, I just printed my picture on tissue paper and use a very thin layer of mod podge to seal the picture on the candle.... BUT her original directions are...

"To print on tissue paper, you cut out a piece of plain white tissue paper bigger than the picture you want to print. I usually cut mine like 6 x 6. Then you tape it to a piece of regular printer paper or card stock. I use paper, but a lot of ladies use the card stock. The trick is that you have to make sure and tape all the way around all edges of the tissue paper so it doesn't catch when feeding thru the printer. Then you cut around your design and place it on the candle where you want it. Then take a piece of waxed paper longer than the candle and taller than the design....and wrap it tightly around the candle...pulling the excess tight. Then use an embossing gun or blow dryer on high setting....and keep moving it over where the picture is until it "melts" into the candle. "

Here's how mine turned out but I need to try Kathy's original plan.

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