Wednesday, February 17, 2010

coming down with a cold!

so I think I'm coming down with a cold!! My throat has been super itchy the last 2 days and today it got worse... People at work are sick... and they still come to work sick because we get in trouble when we call out sick too many times and it's still the beginning of the year so I'm sure they're stashing up their days. Anyway....

Here is a quick update with something I made for a manager's birthday at work.

It says "Rubenpalooza" I absolutely have no idea what that means, but they asked me to make this so I did! It's just a container and I put brownies in it.

simple cupcake pick.

a co-worker of mine made the cupcakes and I made the cupcake picks.

I just finished eating dinner and I'm going to take some medicine and hopefully that will make me feel better! Thanks for looking

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