Wednesday, November 25, 2009

white bedroom crafts?

Hello Everyone!

There will not be any real updates with new projects today. I have been working on several things but it's a secret until Christmas! hehe.

so I am so jealous of all the ladies who have their own scrapbook room/work studio! Everything I make is out of my little bedroom and sometimes I wish I had more space. Not only do I have all my arts & crafts stuff... I have TONS(like 70 pairs) of shoes! My closet is super filled. I don't have room for anything! I even have some stuff in my bathroom(glass etching cream and paint brushes are on my sink)

I am thinking about calling my blog "White Bedroom Crafts." I don't know how many of you guys are a fan of the TV show One Tree Hill but there is a character name Peyton. She named her record company "Red Bedroom Records" because her bedroom in high school was all red. Since my dad won't let me paint my room, it's just white. lol. So I thought it would be appropriate to call it "White Bedroom Crafts"? Eventually AND HOPEFULLY I'll get a seperate space just for all my hobbies! My daddy says he's going to build me a backhouse in our backyard but he's been saying that since I moved back in like 3 years ago!

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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