Monday, January 18, 2010

super addicted to vinyl

Happy Monday and Happy MLK Day! I am off work today! The great thing about working for a bank is that, you get all national holidays off!

Mike had the day off too and we were going to go to Disneyland today...! But the weather is not agreeing with us. It is raining like crazy in So. Cal! It's super windy too. There are things flying outside everywhere.

Mike went to have lunch with his BFF Rony. So I thought I'd do an update before I go back to reading my book. I stared reading The Lovely Bones. It's pretty good.

OH yeah saw the Avatar yesterday. Pretty good movie but pretty much a rip off of Pocahontas. Haha.

Since I bought vinyl from hhsignssupply, I've been super addicted! It's so easy to make projects. Now everywhere I go (Dollar Tree, 99 cent only stores, Target, Walmart) I think of what I can put vinyl on. haha. Glass etching was so yesterday!

As I mentioned, my old manager, Kent got promoted. Here's a couple of things I put vinyl on.

a jar for him to put candy in. Instead of glass etching, I used vinyl!

found this at dollar tree. what a steal! it says "Kent's special treats" and I baked some brownies and cut them in squares and put them in it.

congrats sign. it's been so long since I've cut paper, it's weird. haha

of course a freezer paper t was needed! "CLS: customer level solutions" the department I work in.

and the back of the shirt... we are "the best of the best" and some diamonds. cuz diamonds are rare. haha

Thanks for looking! I'm going to enjoy the rain on my day off and stay in bed all day!

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