Wednesday, January 13, 2010

vinyl craze

lately, I've been on Cricut vinyl MB. I don't have SCAL but those ladies make some awesome stuff with vinyl. Cricut vinyl is so expensive and that's why I haven't tried anything with it. It's $10 for I think 2 feet? But since I've been lurking on the MB, there were so many great tips on where to get the cheaper vinyl and what kind. had GREAT deals on outdoor vinyl(last longer) it was only $1.49 a yard! SO Nye, Mia, and I combined our order and we got free shipping!

the vinyl came on Monday and I was so excited about how much vinyl there was.

Remember how I kept talking about I need a craft space? WELL, here is the reason why!

My little table with my Cricut and some junk on it.

my shelves with most of my crafts stuff on it.

my very unorganized 12x12 paper shelf. I REALLY NEED MORE SPACE.

today I finally played with the vinyls I got. Here's what I've made so far! SO EASY!

decorated hand sanitizers. I actually did something like this for my friends for Christmas but I did those with paper. This is so much cuter and easier to make.

and then I went overboard with trying to label my cotton and q-tip jar. lol

found this flask at Walmart for only $4. I really hope the outdoor vinyl doesn't wash off. I've read that it doesn't but let's see. Made this for my old boss, WHO ALSO GOT PROMOTED. everyone getting promotions! moving on to bigger and better things! I need to start.



  1. Hi, I came across your blog from the Cricut MB, and I love to see your creations! Quick Question, what kind of vinyl did you order? I really like the pink vinyl that you are using. Please let me know! Thanks


  2. Love your new projects with VINYL! You are like my Cricut Inspiration! =)

    P.S.: I pray you get a CRAFT room one day. =)

  3. Hi Beth,

    the vinyl I used is the outdoor grade vinyl. It's Mac Tac 8300 from

    Hi Karen,

    thanks! I pray that I get a crafts room someday toO!