Monday, October 15, 2012

Genrous Gift

As always my posts are overdue! I was helping out Aeron and Melissa a lot during the planning of their wedding. I already knew they were grateful for all I’ve done for them but they took it a step further to show their gratitude!

Melissa and I often go shopping during lunch. There was a day where I wanted to go to Macy’s nearby work to look a Michael Kors bag I’d been eyeing! I showed Melissa a picture online and she thought it was cute too and we agreed to go at lunch. But she got stuck working on something urgent and I ended going with Dave. I liked the purse so much and Macy’s was having their March of Dime donation sale. So Dave ended up buying me the purse right then and there! Thank you love!

Anyhow, it turned out Melissa and Aeron wanted to buy me the purse as a thank you gift. Dave got yelled at for buying it for me. Lol. But a girl can never have too many purses and there was I wanted another Michael Kors bag I wanted and Melissa sure pays attention to what I like. So they got me this super duper cute cross body bag! When I opened it I was literally jumping up and down. Hehehe.

So to thank them for my thank you gift, I made this card. I just love how Melissa displays all the cards I’ve ever made for her at her desk.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a great week!

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