Thursday, April 1, 2010

back by popular demand!

I've been so busy reading my sookie stackhouse books I haven't even turned on my laptop. But one of my dedicated readers, Karen, reminded me that I haven't updated in awhile! sorry =(

Happy April! I started my new job today. it's been awesome!

So here is a couple of things I've made. Mike's cousin's Marlenny's baby shower was on 2/7.
Right on Super Bowl Sunday! Not a big football fan... but I like Reggie Bush. so go Saints!

This was my first diaper cake! I scraplifted someone from the MB for the top. Now I can't find who made it. Anyhow
I like it that it's for a girl cuz I got to use flowers. The theme was pink and brown. I think I could have added more stuff in,
but I guess not bad for my first one!

I also made her some favors. They're very simple. It's little purses cut from Tags, Bags, Boxes and More cartridge.
And then I put some tissues in it and 4 mini size snickers.

A couple things I made as gifts...

a personalized baby bottle.

just a container I found at the $1 section at Target... I figured she can put like cheerios for the baby.

baby kailin

every girl is a princess!

and of course, every girl loves shoes!

On Friday 2/12 we had a baby shower for my co-worker Yvonne.

Nye decorated her desk and we each did one balloon column.

Evie sitting at her desk.

hand sanitizer favors. got these from Dollar tree 2 for $1. Then I replaced the logo with some hearts and added a ribbon.
super cute and super different for shower favors.

these are the other favors. got these clear pillow boxes from They were actually really small =(
I didn't read the sizes carefully and I actually bought like 75 of these! I was a bit sad... but still worked out
with the pink jelly beans.

all the favors

some water bottle tags. I love embossing stuff. It gives it an extra kick!

here is the 3 of us and the mommy to be... the background looks like Valentine's Day threw up in my office. haha

Valentine's day was pretty awesome. My

a wine glass I etched for my co-worker to give to his girlfriend for Valentine's day.

the strawberry hand sanitizer for Nye and Mia

I made this box from the Love Struck cartridge. It wasn't very durable but it turned out cute. I needed to use thicker paper.

I gave away these tiles as Valentine's Day gift to all the women at work. It was only $0.13 from home depot/lowes. It was cheaper than candy and lasts forever! A lot of them kept it on their desks. It's cute.

I'll try to update my blog more often! I've been making stuff and taking pictures but no updates yet. But don't worry! I'm on my ast Sookie Stackhouse book. I read 7 books in a month! record breaking for me. As always... thanks for looking!

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  1. How did you make the little onesie? did you use the cricut expression? i have some baby showers to go to and would love to do something like adorable.