Thursday, March 29, 2012

My 26th Birthday

I celebrated my 26th birthday on Saturday!

Since Melissa and Nai was going to be out of town, they gave me my gift early on Friday. Melissa, Nai, Patty and Dave chipped in together to get me a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer! A Metallic Silver one to match my stainless steel kitchen! Yay! I have been wanting this for the LONGEST time but just couldn't get myself buy it! hehe the brat that I am, I already knew I was getting it because I went with Dave to Macy's when he went to look at it.

So far I've made some blueberry muffins and chocolate peanut butter marble cake with it! I'm dying to make some cinnamon rolls!

On my actual birthday, -- we started off the morning with participating in the Susan G. Komen Walk for L.A County. It's a 5K Run/Walk. I'm so glad Dave, Wendy, Rony, Sally, Helen, & Patty participated in the walk in honor of my birthday! It was a cool morning. I walked with just Helen as it is hard to walk with a lot of people. I was glad to see that the race route had changed(the last 2 years, it was around the Dodger Stadium parking lot.) and as well as a lot more people participating this year! I'm definitely going to do it again next year.

After the walk, we went to eat Dim Sum. Dim Sum refers to a style of Chinese food prepared as small bite-sized or individual portions of food traditionally served in small steamer baskets or on small plates. When I explain what Dim Sum is, I just say it's Chinese brunch. lol Dave had it for the first time ever and he tried EVERYTHING, including the chicken feet. yay good sport!

At night, we went to dinner at Benihanas. I had never been there so it was nice. Our chef wasn't very good. He dropped the egg on the floor and messed up several time. He was at least funny.

My friends got me cupcakes from Dots. Local Bakery that makes really good red velvet cupcakes! Wendy and Rony got me a ton of stuff for my kitchen. It included a brand new plate set for 6 -- which I was super excited for! I've been wanting a new one but it wasn't in our budget for the time being.

In addition to my mixer, Dave got me a new camera! I've been wanting a new power shot, since he had been calling my old one a bobble head camera. Canon SX260 HS. This thing has an amazing zoom!

extra, extra icing on the cake -- Dave also got me a trip to Costa Rica! We're going in May. I'm so excited!!! Dave is the greatest!

As you can see I had the best birthday yet! I have the most wonderful boyfriend and friends!

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