Wednesday, January 16, 2013

First Letterpress Card

In November we celebrated Sally and Wendy's birthdays. It was a relaxing night with my friends and our loved ones. We talked, we laughed and we just had a good time. The older we get, we're doing less party like things and doing more adult like things. Me likey!

I opened up my Letter Press Starter Kit for the first time ever. If you guys remember, this was one of the gifts that Dave won me over with two Christmases ago. I was actually first introduced to letter pressing by Helen in 2011 when she made her own wedding invitations. We always talked about it but I never got around to actually playing with it. I'm glad I finally did though. If you already have a Cuttlebug or a Sizzix Big Shot, the Epic 6 is really necessary. We asked the lady at Hobby Lobby before we bought it and she said a Cuttlebug would work just fine and it did!

Pros - definitely creates beautiful elegant cards.

Cons - 1. WAY too messy. 2. There aren't enough premade letterpress plates. Custom ones are possible but it's a bit expensive.

I made this card for Wendy for her birthday. I wanted to create my first Letterpress card on my best girl!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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