Thursday, April 26, 2012

Save The Date Cards

AH so this is the 2nd time I’m writing this post! I was writing my blog post last night on our new comfy couch (Thanks baby!) Apparently the internet goes in and out(The router is in the craft room and I guess it doesn’t reach far enough!). I was done writing the WHOLE post so I was going to upload the pictures. Now I’m used to Blogger automatically saving like every other minute. I thought it had saved. When I clicked to upload the picture it was frozen… so I thought I was being smart by pressing F5 to refresh and POOF my blog post disappeared! SO HERE GOES…. For the 2nd time!

As you all know I’m going to be a bridesmaid for Melissa’s wedding in September. I’m more than willing to help her with anything she needs. Everyone is on a budget now these days and most weddings are DIYs. I know, some day, mine will definitely be a DIY wedding. Anyhow, since they’re on a budget for the wedding they were looking for a start up photographer; someone who can take their engagement pictures for free while building their portfolio at the same time.

I have a DSLR camera and I’m still learning how to use all the features. I am in no way close to learning all the features – I still shoot on auto mode. Lol. And I’m definitely not interested in becoming a pro photographer. I’m just interested in learning how to use my camera and take good pictures for my blog. There was no way I was going to be able to do a whole engagement shoot on my own. Our friend Bryant is a fantastic photographer and artist. He and I teamed up to do the engagement shoot. Of course he was the photographer and I was the “creative director,” as he called it. I did a ton of research on engagement photography and the location of the shoot online. I saved pictures of the poses I liked. We met with Melissa and Aeron to do an itinerary for the shoot. We were racing against the sun for a sunset shot – so every minute counted.

We shot on Sunday February 12th. It was a warm sunny afternoon but really cold at night. The shoot went perfectly according to the itinerary! Bryant got a ton of great shots. He also designed the save the date cards using Photoshop. Melissa and Aeron wanted 3 pictures so he had the idea for a film strip looking one. He got the cards printed at a discounted price! Only $30 to print 80 of them. What a deal! He also had the idea to round the corners. So off to work I went with my corner puncher. 80 cards x 4 corners = 320 times. Poor corner punch.

Aeron went to Wal-Mart and bought these adhesive back magnet sheets.

Then I cut them at ½ inch x 2 ½ inches and placed them on the back! Melissa sent them in the mail today.

Thanks for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!

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