Saturday, July 28, 2012

Helen's Birthday Weekend in Vegas

I thought I’d do a picture post today. Two weekends ago, we went to Vegas for Helen’s 26th birthday. Vegas was actually quite cool – for Vegas anyway. The temperature wasn’t in the 100s. It was between high 80s and low 90s and we even had some thunderstorms on our way there. We lounged by the pool, had dinner, and then went to a night club. I was in my flats/flip flops all weekend.

I’m STILL recovering from my sprained ankle. Dave is finally making me do some physical therapy. I started to exercise my ankle so it can finally start healing.

I had a ton of fun on the trip. As we’re getting older, we’re starting to travel with our significant others and not just by ourselves. It was great to see all the boyfriends/husband get along with each other. Dave is the life of the party so of course everyone else loved him too!

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