Monday, July 30, 2012

Housewarming Card

A couple of weeks ago, on 4th of July, we went a Housewarming. It was for Dave’s friends, Heather and Joe. They’re actually the friends that we got Cody from. They have a beautiful home with a huge yard and a swimming pool.

I wanted to make a quick card for them to go with the gift card we got for them. I combined two MCT stamps – Small Talk Stamp Set & Home Sewn Stamp Set. It was very simple. I just used silver heat embossing powder to emboss everything. It was a VERY thin one layered card.

Since Cody’s biological parents, Jack and Jill and his little brother Junior, live with Heather and Joe, we took Cody with us to the housewarming. Let me tell you that Cody is a ginormous Yorkie. Compared to Jack, Jill, and Junior – he was HUGE (Now that I think about, I wish I had taken pictures of the 4 of them together!). Junior and Cody came from the same liter and Junior only weigh like 7 lbs. While Cody, the ginormous Yorkie, weighs 12 lbs! Also what made Cody different was that, we don’t have his ears pin up. He’s a floppy eared Yorkie. I wanted them to go wherever they wanted according to what he was feeling.

Everyone just asking us why our dog was so big and what we were feeding him. We feed him Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Puppy 29. Maybe that’s what made him so big? Anyhow, since it was hot, we put Cody in the pool. He was NOT having it. Lol Of course, naturally he swam and did his little doggie paddle. But he couldn’t wait to get out!

Thank you so much for stopping by! I will TRY and update on a regular schedule!

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