Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hey everybody! I was super busy at work yesterday. I missed work on Thursday and Friday due to strep throat. I don’t know what’s going on but I can’t help but be sick like every 2 months! But I visited my awesome doctor and my SUPER awesome friend made me some super delicious chicken soup and I’m all better now!

Friday – I headed to Palms Springs for Helen’s Bachelorette weekend with the Mai Sandwich(when it’s just me and the two Mais, I call them the Mai sandwich) it was SUPER HOT!!! I believe the temperature was about 109 and this was actually one of their cooler days. The house that was rented was really nice. 5 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and a huge pool. We relaxed by the pool and then cooked dinner at night. I took a shower before dinner thinking everyone would wash up for dinner but no.. everyone ate in their bikinis. Lol Then everyone jumped back in the pool after dinner. It was kind of funny to see 7 girls (5 out of 7 girls can’t swim) do cannon balls into the pool at midnight and trying to save each other after. I went to bed before everyone because I was exhausted and I could not sleep at all. I tossed and turned for like 3 hours until TMai(the dentist) got into bed next to me and then I finally fell asleep! It was crazy that I couldn’t sleep because it wasn’t my own bed and I needed someone else there for comfort. Haha.

Saturday – We had a Spa Day. I am not a big fan of the sauna. I hate sweating. The eucalyptus room was awesome. It just clears up your sinuses! We also had a mineral bath… umm it felt like regular water to me. Lol. The massage was the best and was much needed! The masseuse kept talking to me during my massage which I liked and didn’t like. I liked it because it kept me from falling asleep but I didn’t like it because I just wanted to relax! After the Spa – some of us went back to the house and some stayed at the spa. Then we all got ready to go to dinner at Chop House. It was a nice steak restaurant. I was so tired during the dinner and from not being able to sleep the night before – I just wanted to go home. So I went home with Wendy that night so she wouldn’t have to drive home by herself either. I'm sorry I didn't stay longer Helen. Love you!

I wanted to do an update about my weekend but I don’t really have all the pictures yet so today will be an actual crafty post! I am way over due for one anyway! I’m really getting back into the grove of crafting!!

Here is a card that I’ve been working on. It’s a card without really a purpose. I wanted to make it just because.

Cricut: Pack Your Bags
Stamp: My Creative Time –  Have Fun in the Sun, Peachy Keen – Wided Eyed Kids
Other: White Gel Pen, Blue Ink Pen, Glitter for sand

I will have more cards to share with you this week. I have a birthday dinner, a baby shower to attend this weekend and I had to make cards for them. I finally made my card for the I Feel the Love Project. I know I lag it every month! I keep saying I'm going to do the cards earlier on in the month but I never get around to it until it's almost due! Procrastinator! I know.

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a wonderful day!

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