Saturday, June 16, 2012

Covered cardboard box with fabric.

Happy Saturday afternoon everyone! It's been awhile since we've had a relaxing Saturday where we did nothing and just bum it. I wanted to do a quick post!

I'm all about recycling and reusing everything. I save all spaghetti jars, plastic bags, cardboard boxes -- If I think I can alter it into some sort of craft project, I save it. Dave says I take recycling onto a whole another level.

So with that being said, we buy Naked juice packs from Costco. They come in this card board box.

I found a tutorial on Pinterest (where else right?)  from this pretty awesome blog. I used her instructions as a guide but I kinda did it how it was convenience to me. haha. I used modpodge to glue the whole thing together. And voila! You get this pretty polkadot print box.

I know I said this is a quick post but I wanted to share pictures of my cute Cody. He's been spoiled this week. I love this little guy! He's my little shadow and follows me everywhere. This guy will follow me to the end of the earth.

When I'm in my craft room, this is where he's normally sleeping.

Then when he hears the shutter clicks, he wakes up.

my little grumpy puppy

This is him playing in the living room yesterday. Ok after these pictures, I'll try to stop being a crazy dog lady!

We took him to Tony's house last night and Zack was over with his dog, Roxy. Cody and Roxy had a blast playing together. They ran around the backyard non stop. Anyway, thank you so much for stopping by!

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