Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tile Coasters

Since we moved in together, Dave and I needed some coasters. He had some that were from different bars(bachelor pad). I had some Audrey Hepburn ones that I had in my old craft room. He totally vetoed those. lol. I use them now in my new craft room. So we were in need of some new coasters! We had seen some similar ones at Crate and Barrel and Dave liked the idea. Of course I knew I could MAKE them instead of buying them.

we bought a box of these tiles from Lowe's

But they come REALLY dirty. So you have to wash them thoroughly

Wal-Mart or Target sells these cork liners.

I cut them to fit the size of the tiles.

used a corner rounder to round the corners.

Then I put the cork liner on the back of the tile.

Finally you put a Vodka Soda on it and enjoy the new coaster! :)

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